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A Few Secrets About TpT You Need to Know

Welcome STEM Friends and Science Friends and TpT Friends! Some of you know that I have a little Teachers Pay Teachers store and let me just tell you- it's quite an adventure. I started my store in 2013 and I have learned so much! Hopefully today I can let you in on a few secrets about TpT and ... READ the POST

Five for Friday ~ March 13!

It has been an AMAZING week! First of all we actually made it school everyday! That's something! Then we had all kinds of successes or just really nice things happening and that is always a good thing. So read on and find my Five Amazing Things! Ah-May-Zing # 1 It was all about pipelines ... READ the POST

Five for Friday ~ February 27

What a crazy week we had!  I am sure most of you had something equally nuts! Snow seems to be everywhere. I saw lots of Instagram photos of the 100th day celebrations.... and then TpT had a sale! I think this week's Five for Friday needs to be a called "Give Me a Break"! Give Me a ... READ the POST

Blasting Off! Balloon Rockets!

Time for a popular feature on this little old blog.... what? Friends, do you know how long it has been since I blogged with the title "What's Going on in the Lab?" Since APRIL. APRIL. Well, it's not like I don't write about what is going on the lab. I do. All the time. But I do plan to make ... READ the POST