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Seed Projects (and Things You Need to Know)

Are you ready for some Seed Projects in STEM? I have some great ideas, but first... When I was a little girl my Popaw had a farm and every spring he plowed his fields with a wooden plow pulled by a mule. One summer he planted so many watermelon plants that he later had to have neighboring farmers ... READ the POST

5 Ways Painting with Kids is Fun!

Did you ever paint when you were in elementary school? I remember having those little pans of watercolors. You know, the ones that come with a brush and you dip the brush in water and then stir into the paint pots. If you didn't clean your brush between colors you would have mixed pots of paint. Not ... READ the POST

Ways to Show Seed Dispersal

It may be too early in the spring to think about seeds and ways to show seed dispersal. In fact, the weather may not be cooperating at all! Is it rainy during April where you live? I can still remember the baseball season when my son was little and the month of April was always so rainy. We had ... READ the POST