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Trick or Treat with Halloween STEM

Do your students talk endlessly about trick or treat time? Do they love Halloween jokes and riddles? I know mine always do! Even the jokes that make us groan (pun intended)! "What is a skeleton's favorite instrument?" The answer to that one will definitely make you groan... We tried some ... READ the POST

Practical Advice About Building Windmills in the STEM Lab

Years ago my husband and I built our dream house. At the time, ceiling fans were popular and we decided to place these in many of the rooms. Would you believe three of them are still operating and have been turned off very few times? I am talking 25+ years, ok. Still Turning! More about this ... READ the POST

Ready for Some Snow?

Ready for a snow day? I know we all love having those unexpected days off. A few years ago we had several days in a row off for a huge snowstorm and the kids in my town had the best time. In Alabama, we don't have a lot of snow- certainly not enough to own sleds. But our kids were very resourceful ... READ the POST