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Will This Book Be the One?

Sometimes I notice the oddest thing about books. Quite some time back, I noticed that every book I was reading had the word 'girl' in the title. Or if the word girl was not in the title, the book was about a girl in distress. Then there were the 'wife' books. And then the 'beach' ... READ the POST

Life’s A Beach – Book Reviews

Life is a beach! Well, to be honest, I am not a beach person. I really do like the sand and do not get in the water at all. My family is much more likely to take a winter vacation than a summer one. But I do like beach books. I read one of these recently and then realized I had another in my ... READ the POST

Books Can Make You Happy

This month's selections don't have a common thread at all. They were all so good, however, so I guess that might be the theme. Just good books! These five books have friends attacking their bucket list, children being sold, people spending millions of dollars in one shopping trip, a supernatural ... READ the POST