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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks so much for your interest in my shop. I have compiled a list of questions I have received or just bits of info you might need!

❤ What is the return policy of Teachers Are Terrific?
My shop does not offer refunds because the resources are digital products. If you have questions, please ask before purchasing. Use my contact form!

❤ Who can use the resources you buy?
Any of the resources purchased from my shop (or TPT) are intended for a single classroom only. This means your classroom or your homeschool. The only exception to this would be a STEM Lab teacher that needs a resource for multiple classes.

❤ Is it alright to share the file?
No, I am sorry, this is not alright. The Terms of Use for my resource specifically says:

  • You may not give the resource to friends or colleagues.
  • You may not copy the item for use by others.
  • You may not post the resource on a website for download. This includes your personal website, a school website, district websites, or Amazon Inspire.
  • You may not post or offer the resource in a Facebook group for sale or for free.

❤ What forms of payment are accepted when purchasing?
My shop is set up to accept Paypal. Sales tax is applicable depending on where you reside.

❤ What format are the resources?
The download is either a PDF or a zipped file. Zipped files can be opened through your computer programs or you can download a free program for a PC or a MAC. My zipped files have either several PDF files or a combination of a PDF and Powerpoint. In order to open a PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader. This is also a free download.

❤ What if I have a coupon code to apply to a purchase?
Then you are indeed a lucky shopper! If you receive a coupon code from my shop, instructions will be included with your receipt of the code.

❤ How do I get my resource?
As soon as your transaction is complete you will receive an email that has the download information. Be sure you check your SPAM folders! The resource is only downloadable for a 72 hour period of time. This is set in order to protect the download from misuse. If you have problems downloading, please contact me!

❤ What if I have a problem with receiving the resource?
Check your SPAM folders and then contact me. I will reply as soon as I possibly can and help you!

❤ What if I have questions after receiving the resource?
My email address is included on the Terms of Use Page! Email me!

❤ I live in the EU. Is this shop for me?
Great question – if you are more comfortable purchasing from Teachers Pay Teachers– here is my

❤ Do you have large bundles available in this shop?
 Not yet! My largest bundles of STEM Challenges are currently only for sale at TpT. You can find the largest bundles in the Custom Categories of my TpT shop: Teachers are Terrific