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Chemicals in the STEM Lab

Does your grade have a chemicals standard? There is likely some connection to chemicals in your Science standards lists. Maybe, solutions and suspensions, or chemical vs. physical reactions. If you have anything similar to these then I have a resource for you! This fabulous study can be ... READ the POST

Book in a Bag Project – A Book Report Alternative

A long time ago I started this blog as a way of showing the parents of my students photos of projects. The blog, of course, evolved into something completely different over time. However, this post about our Book in a Bag projects remains a most-viewed post. Enjoy and there is a surprise at the ... READ the POST

Pinterest Tips That Really Work

Do you love Pinterest? What about Pinterest fails? I know there's a whole section of Pinterest boards just for things people have seen and tried and made a mess of! It's actually quite funny and meant in good spirit! Anyway, this post is all about Pinterest things I tried and THEY WORKED! And, ... READ the POST

Pinterest – Easy Ideas to Try

I had a brain pop last night while perusing Pinterest and decided to devote this day's posting to all the ideas I have grabbed and tried- successfully I might add! It is just completely wonderful to have Pinterest as a resource for ideas we can see, adapt, copy, and put into use. So here are some of ... READ the POST