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All About Failures in STEM Class

If you read my blog, and I hope you do, then you know that I only teach STEM/Science and I frequently use this space to talk about the great things we accomplish in our lab. Lest you think I am a superwoman and all things are always terrific, let's take a look at some not-so-great moments, my ... READ the POST

3 Books You Will Love- Book Reviews

If you are looking for book recommendations you have come to the right place! I read a lot and rely on book reviews and posts like this one to find books to read. So, let me help you find books you will love! I keep a book list by title and I also have a book journal. Sometimes I write my opinion ... READ the POST

It’s All Ah – Mazing! Mazes STEM Challenges

Students just love making mazes! Of all kinds! Mazes present plenty of opportunities for problem-solving and in the end, you get to play with them! Take a look at our mazes! We have completed several different versions of mazes and they all have been spectacular. Let's look at each type! ... READ the POST

It’s Egg Drop Week!

Are you ready for some Egg Drops?! (This original post was a link up!) I took out the silly link up rules and just left the good stuff! So, what have we been doing in our lab? Let's talk about EGG DROPS! I had this great idea about adding to a parachute type drop that we have tried ... READ the POST