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15 Items You Need from the Dollar Store for STEM

That's right! Let's save you some money! I hope you have a Dollar Tree close to your home because this post is dedicated to shopping at that great little market and getting supplies for your STEM and Science classroom!    Which of those dollar bargains are not really bargains? I'll tell you ... READ the POST

Mad About Science Bulletin Boards!

Let's talk some truth about Bulletin Boards. We all have a love/hate relationship with them, right! When they are cute as pie we are so proud, but it's the getting it up there on the wall that drives us crazy. Anyway, last winter I made the one below- you might remember reading about ... READ the POST

Problem Solving – Summer Series Part 4

When I started thinking of ways to convince teachers to try STEM I knew problem-solving would have to be included. For me, it is the very heart of STEM and it's my favorite part. I know, as an adult and a very right-brained person, the way I approach tasks and solve problems is vastly different ... READ the POST

The Science of STEM – Summer Series Part 3

One surprise that happened early in my STEM journey was discovering how much we would depend on the science of STEM. I knew it was important, but I had no idea how much we would need topical challenges and use of the scientific method. Alright, let's talk about Science! Folks, I started ... READ the POST

Collaboration in STEM- Summer Series Part 2

Can we talk about collaboration in STEM class? As I finished the second full year of being a STEM Specialist my goal with this summer series was to convince you to try STEM. I tried to think of the things that might be scary and help you with those, but also the reasons STEM is so wonderful.   ... READ the POST

All About Supplies – Summer Series Part 1

To be honest, the first time I heard the words "STEM Lab" I had to do a google search to find out what it meant.   But now...WOW!  My teaching job is as a STEM Lab Teacher. Ah-MAY-zing! Join me in this four-part series to learn more about STEM and why you just might need to make it part of your ... READ the POST