Looking for STEM for One Resources?

The Unique Bucket Tower Challenge

Bucket Tower. It even sounds silly. I never dreamed when we invented this challenge that it would become so popular. Except for Building Boats and Roller Coasters, this is the challenge that I get the most questions about.   I promise this is what happened:  I had a class prepared for a tower ... READ the POST

My Summer Book List

Time for some book reviews- it's my summer book list! Now, I did, of course, read more than five books, but these are my favorites and I can highly recommend them to you! I read a lot, always have. How do you decide what to read next? I read reviews and follow bloggers that post about their ... READ the POST

Building Boats in STEM Class!

So, I had this wild idea one day and I will tell you that story in a minute- it's all about building boats in STEM class! I will just tell you that when my students come in and see those blue dish pans out they start cheering because they know it is Boat Day! Every grade level. Yes, even those ... READ the POST

The Easiest of Materials- Paper Chains!

Are you ready to tackle a STEM activity?   Do you need easy prep? Easy directions? Something for teamwork?   I've got you covered with a really, really, really easy STEM task using only ONE material. I mean, how simple is this? Paper. One sheet. One piece of paper. Yes, copy paper- in ... READ the POST

Back to School Bulletin Board

Well, it turns out I am now the bulletin board queen at my school. Not a title I sought, Just sayin'.... We have these gigantic hallway boards and it takes some work to cover them, but I think I got this one right! Take a look! I had this idea from a Pinterest pin. It was a board using the ... READ the POST

15 Items You Need from the Dollar Store for STEM

That's right! Let's save you some money! I hope you have a Dollar Tree close to your home because this post is dedicated to shopping at that great little market and getting supplies for your STEM and Science classroom!    Which of those dollar bargains are not really bargains? I'll tell you ... READ the POST