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Five Excellent Ways to Decorate for Science!

There's always so much to do at the beginning of the school year. For me, this was really brought home when I started a new job with a science lab as my classroom. An empty, undecorated, bare-walled lab. So, let me help you with some excellent ideas and tips for decorating your walls for ... READ the POST

Please Pardon Our Mess! Learning in Progress!

So, I was going back through blog posts the other day, looking for a photo and I kept finding the best little posts all about the STEM Lab.   And y'all, the posts always look just so pretty! Anyway, I seem to always make my classroom look just perfectly spectacular and all good and you ... READ the POST

Effervescing Experiments and Designing

This activity - Effervescing Experiments and Designing- has a little back story. One question I am often asked is how I keep all classes of the same grade level all doing the same thing each week. Easy answer: I don't. I have three grade levels. That's one reason. The second reason is simple: ... READ the POST

Currently October!

Happy Fall Everyone! What are you Currently up to? I have so many things going on that it is going to be hard to narrow it down to Farley's topics this month! Thank you so much Farley! (whom I met in Las Vegas- she is just gorgeous and so friendly and sweet to perfect strangers that walk up and ... READ the POST

It’s All About Using Those Straws in Your Projects!

A few days ago I was putting together some containers of STEM materials, using straws for the challenge, and heard a student say this:   "I see straws in those bins. We use a lot of straws!" Yes, we do! In fact, we use so many straws for challenges that  I asked for straws to be added to our ... READ the POST

Fun Bulletin Board Favorites

Do you like to create bulletin boards? I don't know... You are a teacher. You get it. You have these big old boards to decorate. What do you do? This is my third round of bulletin board posts. Some have been easy to make and some not so much! But they have turned out great! So, I saw a ... READ the POST