Looking for STEM for One Resources?

Reading and Science Task Cards!

Reading and Science combined into one fabulous task card set! Yes, please! This is such a fun premise for a task card set and it's one I invented several years ago. The sets have evolved over the years and my newest versions are just spectacular! Let me explain... How best to combine ... READ the POST

Can’t Miss Easy STEM Challenges

If this is your first foray into STEM you are in for a treat. These challenges are easy to set up, great fun, and oh-so-loved! These are sure-fire winners- not to be missed! The Truth! These 5 challenges are: all just loads of fun have easy materials and easy prepgreat for lots of ... READ the POST

January’s Best Books

That's right- the best books of January! The best of the month is my new book review format. I have tried reviewing five books each month and I tried one book per week. Then a stressful year happened and I read a lot of junk. It was hard to find a good book to share with you! So, I am ... READ the POST

STEM Con and Beyond 2021

What happens when a passionate group of STEM teachers gets together? Easy answer! They plan a way to share resources, ideas, tips, and their love of all things STEM -with you! STEM Con and Beyond 2021 is going to be spectacular and if you attended STEM Con 2020 you already know what I am talking ... READ the POST

Tennis Ball Towers- A Wacky Challenge Indeed!

Tennis Ball Towers? Yes, you read that right! They are pretty unbelievable- but even more astounding is that I have never written a blog post totally devoted to this wacky little tower. I have included it in other posts, but never as a stand-alone. So, here you are STEM friends- the Wackiest ... READ the POST

Safety Tools and Tips for the Lab

If you are here thinking this might be lab tools like beakers and Bunsen burners then stop reading right here. Just kidding, you should go ahead and read this anyway. It will be helpful, especially if you have kids in your room that think scissors are meant to poke and stab things…So, ... READ the POST