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An Easy Way to Help You Plan for STEM

I promise your planning is going to be so much easier with this revelation I found with planning and my youngest engineers!   It's almost like peanut butter and jelly! Books and STEM just go together! It's the greatest discovery ever. Let me share some ways that you can try today! I have ... READ the POST

Fun Ways to Celebrate Winter Sports

If your students have the "Wintertime Blues" I have a perfect solution! A Winter Sports Breakout and STEM Challenge! One day in the midst of the wintertime a group of 5th-graders asked me when we would be doing another Escape Room.  They actually cheered when I told them I was working on ... READ the POST

Winter Resources for Busy Teachers

Winter resources for keeping students busy during the coldest time of year sound great! I mean, recess has to be indoors and this means keeping students engaged is even more stressful than normal. In the meantime, how many of you have extra time to create new items? Let me do the work for ... READ the POST

Best Books of September

The best books of any month should be five-star reads. And this month they are! Some months I read a few GREAT books and many other months I struggle to rate books above 3 stars. The books are good but to me five stars mean perfection. It's hard to find that kind of book. I read 10 books ... READ the POST

The Amazing Newton’s Cradle

Let me share ways to create this highly engaging challenge with your students! If you have ever had a Newton's Cradle in your classroom then you will understand the fascination with this STEM Challenge! Kids absolutely love to watch a Newton's Cradle clack endlessly together. I promise the ... READ the POST

Landforms Resource Round-Up

Time-saving and engaging Landform Resources are ready for you now! I have so many options for this amazing study. Does your state have requirements that require studying landforms? Mine sure does! In fact, we have science and social studies standards that include landforms. This led to me to ... READ the POST