Looking for STEM for One Resources?

A Winning Combo- Cups and Math!

Can we just add two things together that kids really like - maybe... stacking cups and math? You bet we can! And the result is amazing. If you give a group of students a stack of cups they are going to immediately take them apart and start building pyramids. #right So, why not add some math to ... READ the POST

In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn

Only a few an instant...lives can change forever. One moment your family is traveling a mountain road, laughing and talking, headed to a restaurant for a meal with friends. A deer appears on the snowy road and the driver veers to avoid it. The van swerves, hits the guardrail, and ... READ the POST

Cardboard Tube Projects for STEM

I know you use cardboard tubes for STEM projects and I have some ideas for challenges you can try. But, first, why is a cardboard tube so great? Tubes are flexible. They bend easily and can be used as a springboard.Tubes are easy to cut or make holes in.Tubes are lightweight and come in many ... READ the POST

Honeysuckle Season by Mary Ellen Taylor

It is 1943 in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, perhaps it is honeysuckle season. Sadie, a young teenager is being chased by the sheriff. She races over ground she knows well- the hills and hollows she was born into and is now running over to hide from an imminent arrest. It could be that ... READ the POST

Paperless Task Cards for Science

Are you ready to go paperless? Have you already tried Google Drive activities or Boom cards? We will get to how amazing paperless task cards are, but first I have a story to tell you! Y'all I started teaching before we had copy machines. I know. How can that be? Well, when I needed a worksheet I ... READ the POST

The Switch by Beth O’Leary

The Switch is a wonderful premise for starting anew! Wouldn't we all like to try something totally different for a short time? In this book the switch is made between Eileen Cotton and her granddaughter, Leena (also Eileen, but called Leena). Leena has made a few glaring mistakes at her job and ... READ the POST