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5 Awesome (and easy) Tower Challenges for STEM

One of the first one-day challenges we tried was a tower building one. The Spaghetti Tower! Now, let's back up and explain. The first challenges we tried were multi-day activities. That's right! And I mean multi-multi day. Like 4-5 days. Some of you know that I started as a STEM specialist after ... READ the POST

A Well-Read Woman is Dangerous

Well, that title caught your attention. Sorry, but my image and quote for this month's book reviews made me laugh. A well-read woman is a dangerous creature. I seriously love it when someone tries to argue with me. I read a variety of book genres. I read newspapers and magazines. I mean, ... READ the POST

Save Time & Money with These Teacher Hacks

Do you love reading about teacher hacks like I do? I mean I love those posts- whether it is shopping hacks, organizational hacks, or management hacks. I love them all! Now, to be honest, when I moved to the STEM Specialist position I continued with a few organizational methods and management ... READ the POST

Ways I Can Help You with the Messes in STEM

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, you may note that almost all my photos are project-oriented or contain tips. The photos are typical of that platform. But, are they the truth? Well, content-wise, the answer is yes. The words are the truth, but like most posts on Instagram, you are seeing ... READ the POST

Here is Why You Need to Build Towers

We build towers quite often! But, why? I have a few reasons. First, let's see just how many different kinds of towers we have tried: are you ready for the number? 16. Sixteen. And that is not counting the ones we tried that were failures that I have never told you about. Yes, that has happened ... READ the POST

Books Let You Travel

"Books let you travel without moving your feet." So, where I have traveled with the books in this month's selections? With This Tender Land I traveled from Minnesota to St. Louis, with trains and on foot, camping and living in tents. With When We Believed in Mermaids I went to New ... READ the POST