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Where will your next book take you?

I promise this happened accidentally. Now, I do sometimes read books with a theme - on purpose. This time it was accidental. I discovered I had read three books in a month's time that all had to do with time travel. Then I picked a fourth book and started listening to it was also a ... READ the POST

Everything You Need to Know about Building Bridges

Not too long ago I wrote a post about building bridges and my focus was on one style of bridge for each grade level. While looking through my array of bridges I realized I had even more types that were not going to be part of that post. Note to self: Add a post about the other bridges some day! ... READ the POST

Up, Up, and Away with Parachutes

The first time I tried designing parachutes in STEM class I was flabbergasted by how much the students were engaged and how much they loved it. It could be because they stood on the tabletops to launch their parachutes! It is really an enlightening challenge and I have some tips for you about ... READ the POST

Keeping Introverts Engaged

Full disclosure: I am an introvert. As a young student I was the student that followed all the rules and never raised my hand or spoke out. I did not want attention called to myself. In a group, I rarely spoke and never took charge. I am fairly certain I would not have enjoyed STEM ... READ the POST

How to Find the Perfect Book

Another month, another selection of good reads and maybe some advice. I wish I had an easy answer to finding the perfect book. I don't! But, I can share the criteria I use when searching for a book. In the meantime, my quote for this month seems very appropriate! In this post, for your ... READ the POST

STEM at Home – Step By Step

Let's talk about STEM at Home! Can I just start by telling you how excited students are about this! Especially students that have been attending a STEM class weekly and love it. They are thrilled with hearing that they will be able to 'do STEM at Home'! "Ah," you say, "how does this work?" I know, I ... READ the POST