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Always Boho and Amazing Posters

Are you experimenting with a boho theme for your classroom? The word boho has many meanings and a quick Google search will give you some ideas. (Think Bohemian or hippie style.) I noticed the array of boho decor items when I started looking for new backgrounds and clipart for a poster set and ... READ the POST

Must-Have Materials for STEM

The must-have items is an endless list really. I have tried to narrow it down to five specific things! I know I have said this many times, but the number 1 topic of conversation for me about STEM is always about the materials! I hear this from other teachers a lot: The materials are too ... READ the POST

Best Books of June

June Books were winners! I have four that I can highly recommend. I did try some stinkers, but I am not even going to mention them in this space. The good ones were exceptional and you should try them all! Take What You Can Carry by Gian Sardar This will likely be my favorite book ... READ the POST

Inspire STEM Students with Amazing Photos

How do you inspire STEM students? Do you ever share a real-life story to get them to start thinking about problems to solve? When you travel do you ever notice really amazing feats of engineering? (Or is that just me?) So, a few summers ago, we went to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days! ... READ the POST

A Few Things I learned from First Graders

After a few years with upper elementary grades, I found myself in the midst of a new adventure - first grade STEM! Oh, my! Let’s just say this is a tad scary…..But, a few surprises came my way during the first days with the very smallest engineers. It all started when we built bridges! I ... READ the POST

Favorite Books in May

Ah, my favorite books in May - I read and listened to so many books this month! It was, however, easy to pick my favorites. Most of the books I read were just so-so and I listened to several short-reads from Audible. I did notice a common thread for many of the books I read- they were about people ... READ the POST