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Christmas Zip Line Adventure

A zip line you say? A Christmas zip line? Yep, that is right a Christmas Zip Line with a Sleigh full of toys! What an exciting adventure this is for your STEM students! The first zip line we tried in the STEM lab was an experiment and design challenge. Students tested different kinds of lines and ... READ the POST

October’s Best Books

This month's best books include two that I made a mistake with. I listened to one while reading the other. The books were so similar this was hard. Those two books are the first ones reviewed today. Then I tried a book that was amazing! At the same time, I was watching a television show with a ... READ the POST

Let’s Get Ready for a Football STEM Challenge!

A football STEM Challenge? Of course! What a fantastic way to encourage teamwork (pun intended), have fun, and keep students engaged. This challenge has two components to it and you may find students dividing their team into two teams to complete each part. And then, you better get ready for ... READ the POST

9 Favorite Picture Books for STEM Challenges

Picture books in your STEM class, really? Why not? One question I am asked all the time is what scenario I use to set up a STEM activity. The answer varies with each challenge, but I might say a video, a real-life description, a rescue scene, a photograph, or a PICTURE BOOK! Kids love being read ... READ the POST

A Round-Up of Landform Projects

Does your state have requirements that require studying landforms? Mine sure does! In fact, we have science and social studies standards that include landforms. The good news about this is how exciting it is to create booklets, complete STEM building challenges, and practice with flashcards, Boom ... READ the POST

Best Reads of September

The best books of September list has a wide variety of genres! Two deal with people that have health concerns, one features a woman that meets the result of an egg she once donated, and one is the latest from Stephen King. And, of course, I am including the book I was most disappointed in for ... READ the POST