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10 Pipe Cleaner Projects in STEM

Pipe cleaner projects? Really? Yes, really! I have written about straws and craft sticks, using string, and so many more materials. But never have I focused on pipe cleaner projects! So, let's take a look at ten projects that include using these versatile fuzzy sticks :) A Few Tips ... READ the POST

10 Best Books of 2021

My favorite blog post of the year is the listing of the best books of the year! Let me start by just saying I read a lot- this year I will read over 130 books. Some were fun, some were chick-lit and predictable, some were historical fiction, a few were nonfiction, some were serious discourses that ... READ the POST

5 Most Disappointing Books of 2021

The most disappointing books of the year #sigh. This is always a difficult decision. I do not enjoy not liking a book. I want all books to be wonderful, but let's face it, some are just not. Now, mind you, I really am thorough about choosing books. I rely on authors I know (Stephen King, Anita ... READ the POST

November’s Best Books

November's best books...Ahh, what an interesting month of reading. And, yes, I found a theme for this month's reviews. Heartbreak. This underlying emotion of heartbreak was part of most of the books I read and 4 of the ones I am featuring today. The last book was pure joy. Take a look at ... READ the POST

Building with a Candy Cane

Build a structure with a candy cane sounds like one of those wacky STEM Challenges I have invented! #right Well, this one came about because I grabbed some boxes of candy canes at a really low price and then had to decide what to do with them. I thought about it briefly and then had a great ... READ the POST

Christmas Zip Line Adventure

A zip line you say? A Christmas zip line? Yep, that is right a Christmas Zip Line with a Sleigh full of toys! What an exciting adventure this is for your STEM students! The first zip line we tried in the STEM lab was an experiment and design challenge. Students tested different kinds of lines and ... READ the POST