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4 Wonderful Things We Learned from Water Slides

This amazing challenge is perfect for your elementary STEM students. And you will love the detailed teacher's guide. This fun challenge has definitely become a student favorite! It involves water and building a slide!   Think summertime! Water Parks and inflatable rafts. Think lemonade ... READ the POST

An Easy Bridge STEM Challenge

If you are looking for a fantastic building experience and EASY PREP- I have you covered. This amazing upper elementary STEM Challenge is perfect for a quick activity! How easy is this STEM Challenge to prepare for? You are going to love this- print some images, give out straws and tape, and ... READ the POST

Best Books of March

The best books of March are all so good! You will want to read every one of them! This month I have a definite candidate for Book of the Year! Also, if you are not an audiobook listener I highly recommend that you try this format. Sometimes an audiobook narrator makes the story come to ... READ the POST

STEM Seed Projects for Elementary Students

If you are looking for hands-on engaging activities for your upper elementary students, I have great ideas for you. These 3 STEM Challenges are perfect for learning more about seeds and flowers. Are you ready for some Seed Projects in STEM? I have some great ideas, but first I have a ... READ the POST

STEM Challenge featuring Math Skills

Let's combine an exciting STEM Challenge and collecting data. Students will use data to calculate the mean, median, mode, and range after completing each task! This is all about cup stacking! Now, you know this is true >>> If you give a group of students a stack of cups they are going ... READ the POST

4 Perfect STEM Challenges for Observations

It's time for your classroom observation and you want the most engaging activities to share with your administrator. Let's try STEM! Yes, you read that right! STEM projects can be engaging, unique, full of learning and teamwork, and share your organizational skills. That makes a STEM Challenge ... READ the POST