Looking for STEM for One Resources?

Winter Resources for Busy Teachers

Winter resources for keeping students busy during the coldest time of year sound great! I mean, recess has to be indoors and this means keeping students engaged is even more stressful than normal. In the meantime, how many of you have extra time to create new items? Let me do the work for you! I ... READ the POST

Shortcuts for STEM

Get ready for some shortcuts for your STEM projects. This includes ways to use materials, easy ways to facilitate measuring distances, saving materials for future projects, and more! Simple shortcuts that you will love! Seriously, who doesn't love hearing new teacher hacks or ways to ... READ the POST

Sadie by Courtney Summers

Sadie was a book that showed up on my Amazon list as a book "I might like". I thought it sounded intriguing and then I checked Audible. If you have never used Audible (audiobooks) let me just tell how wonderful it is to listen to a book. I always, always have a book that I can listen to even if I am ... READ the POST

BOOM Cards- A Perfect Task Card!

You read that right- Boom cards are the perfect task card. Interactive, colorful, self-checking, and fun! Have you tried a Boom deck yet? More reasons to try this perfect task card! Let's take a close look at why Boom cards are so great! No printing, no cutting, no laminating. (Yes, ... READ the POST

One Day in Summer by Shari Low

One Day in Summer, One Day, One Day in December... all great books with the premise of taking place on the same day or the same day every year or just a special day where a story began. One Day in Summer is Agnetha McMaster's birthday. She is turning 45 and her one day begins with breakfast in ... READ the POST

Christmas Escapes

Oh, how we love the month of December! And it's a perfect time for a Christmas Escape event! The first time we tried an escape room the students were hooked and when I started creating these events for holidays I was hooked. The engagement is high because students love the escapes and the ... READ the POST