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Best Books of April (2022)

Looking over my list of best books of April I found no particular theme, a few stinkers, and a few really good books. One I will remember for a long time and the others probably not at all. I can recommend a few! Let me know if you have read these! We Are Not Like Them by Christine ... READ the POST

5 Questions I am Asked Most Often…

...about STEM or my Teachers Pay Teachers shop! I do have some very similar questions asked often, so I thought I would respond to the 5 questions I am asked most often! I totally understand when I receive any questions when you are considering a purchase! None of us wants to buy something and ... READ the POST

March’s Best Books (2022)

March's Best Books includes some books I will definitely read again! March was a spectacular month! The ones I am featuring are almost all 5-star selections and you must read them! I am listing other books I read this month without reviews just to give you some ideas for your own next reads. (Keep ... READ the POST

5 Things Not to Do in STEM

Well, how about that for a post title? Things not to do in STEM... hmmm, well anyway I do plan to focus my message on positive ideas and the things we can avoid in our STEM classes. Read carefully, because I have a freebie hidden in here somewhere! 5 Things - The Quick Version Just a ... READ the POST

February’s Best Books (2022)

February's Best books list includes 3 that might make it to my top ten list for the whole year! And then, there is one odd book. I liked it, it was mesmerizing. But, at the same time, I didn't like it. The characters were not compelling. I guess I finished it to see what was going to happen! Have ... READ the POST

January’s Best Books (2022)

Let's start off the new year with January's best books and one huge, gigantic, overwhelming disappointment. If you are new here to my website, I will tell you I read a lot. A Lot. In 2021 I read 137 books. I did not review all of those! Each month I choose only my very favorites that I think my ... READ the POST