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The Benefits of Music Education for STEM Students

Yes, STEM. You read that right! The education of students primarily focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. So how could Music education even fit in here? These subjects have nothing to do with music. Music and the arts have been viewed as recreational and less important in ... READ the POST

Disappearing into Books- Book Reviews

This has been an unusual month of reading- no theme! I admit that I do sometimes purposely read a series of books with a similar theme. I will link some of those themed months at the bottom for you! I have reviews for you now and books I can recommend. For this month of June, I read a variety of ... READ the POST

5 Best Challenges (According to the Students)

It should come as no surprise that students will vote for projects for very different reasons than I vote for them. I choose projects based on the back-story or the experimenting. I also love the challenges that involve multiple steps and teamwork. Students vote for competitive, fun challenges. ... READ the POST

Five Best Challenges (According to the Teacher)

Several years ago I asked students to vote for their favorite STEM Challenges. That turned out to be a great blog post and then I added my two cents with a post about my favorite STEM Challenges. I will link those challenges for you at the bottom! It is fun to go back and see what we were doing a ... READ the POST

Easy Solutions for Assigning Jobs in STEM

I hope you had a chance to join us for STEMCON 2020 in April. It is planned for next summer, too! We had such a fabulous experience with this STEM Conference. I cannot tell you how exciting it was. The STEMCON Facebook group was amazing- posts were nonstop and we loved hearing from attendees. I ... READ the POST