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A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight

What genre are you expecting based on this book title? A Good Marriage could be many genres- historical fiction, chick-lit, romance, but guess what? It's a crime thriller with a female lawyer as the lead. Not what you expected, I'm sure, but hang onto your hats folks. This was a good one! I ... READ the POST

Fast and Easy STEM Projects

Are you looking for fast and east STEM ideas? Do you need something quick that takes very little prep? Are you looking for something that students can work on without sharing materials? I have some projects to share with you that are definitely fast and easy! I will also link some blog posts for ... READ the POST

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

"When we first heard, we thought it might be that type of secret, although, we have to admit, it had felt different. Tasted different too. All good secrets have a taste before you tell them..." Ahhh, you ask, what is this secret? It's the very center of The Mothers by Brit Bennett. The mothers ... READ the POST

Two Teams Working Together

Two teams working together, you say? Some of you might say it is hard enough to get one team to work together! Well, I have some STEM challenges that are perfect for this. And, they work! This idea was something I mulled over for quite a while. My first thought was to have every team with ... READ the POST

The Book Of Lost Friends Book Review

It has been a long time since I read a book that I loved like this one. The story of the book of lost friends is written beautifully by Lisa Wingate. The book is based on historical events and alternating sections begin with readings from newspaper ads about the lost friends. The friends were family ... READ the POST

Balloons Rockets with a Twist

I feel like you have probably seen balloon rockets before now. I can remember taking fifth-graders to the gym to set up lines for our balloon rockets over 30 years ago. We set up horizontal strings and students used the propulsion of air from a balloon to zip their "rockets" from one end of the line ... READ the POST