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Tennis Ball Towers- A Wacky Challenge Indeed!

Tennis Ball Towers? Yes, you read that right! They are pretty unbelievable- but even more astounding is that I have never written a blog post totally devoted to this wacky little tower. I have included it in other posts, but never as a stand-alone. So, here you are STEM friends- the Wackiest ... READ the POST

Safety Tools and Tips for the Lab

If you are here thinking this might be lab tools like beakers and Bunsen burners then stop reading right here. Just kidding, you should go ahead and read this anyway. It will be helpful, especially if you have kids in your room that think scissors are meant to poke and stab things吁o, ... READ the POST

21 Ideas to Try in STEM in 2021

New year, new thoughts, new ideas, and new resources! I love the feeling of the freshness of a new year, don't you? Are you ready to try a few new things? How about 21 new ideas in STEM? This list features some ideas for changing your STEM class, adding some new things to class, and tackling ... READ the POST

Top 10 Books of 2020

My list of top 10 books of the year has become an annual tradition. This year I had a problem getting ten on the list! I read over 100 books but the books of the year have to be the best of the best. I read a lot more chick-lit this year than I normally do- probably due to being at home more. ... READ the POST

Disappointing Books of 2020

If you read my book reviews you know this post is a departure. I review, for the most part, only books that I really liked. Today, however, I bring you the most disappointing books of 2020. These book include a couple that were just plain awful, a couple that were okay, but had weird implausible ... READ the POST

Craft Sticks and STEM

Craft sticks and STEM go together like peanut butter and jelly- or salt and pepper- or STEM and kids! I realized this early in my STEM adventure and keep a good supply of craft sticks in various sizes. I also buy them in large, affordable quantities! Stick (pun intended) with this post and I ... READ the POST