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Best Books of May

Reviews were easy this month because I read so many great books. They are all very different and one of them is truly amazing. I am featuring the top 3! Most months I read 8-10 books. Some are stinkers and hard to get through. Some are just awful and I abandon them. The 8-10 I read (and finish) ... READ the POST

Amazing Ways to Use Quotes Posters

Are you looking for inspirational ways to decorate your classroom? I have so many ideas for you about using beautiful and informative posters! Before we talk about ways to use quotes posters I have to confess. As with most of my posts, there is a back story. Always. The first set of posters I ... READ the POST

How to Have Water Week in STEM

Also, known as a highly engaging week! Water week is the most fun week we have every year. Let me share ways for you to plan your own version of Water Week! The first time I wrote Water Week on our agenda board I knew students would be excited. And, they were! Before I even met them at my lab ... READ the POST

Team Building Ideas for STEM

If you are looking for ways to use games for team building in your STEM lab (or regular classroom) I have three fabulous activities for your to try! Part of my first few days of school, as a regular classroom teacher, was always about team building (community building). It's those ... READ the POST

9 Picture Books for STEM Challenges

Picture books are the perfect way to introduce a STEM Challenge. They are educational, inspirational, and highly engaging. Let me share 9 fabulous books paired with STEM Activities. Picture books in your STEM class, really? Why not? One question I am asked all the time is what scenario I use to ... READ the POST

No Locks Easy Prep Escape Rooms!

Are you ready for an Escape Room in your classroom? I have something that works so well and it's EASY PREP! Have you ever been to a live Escape Room event? I mean one where you are actually locked in a room! I have been twice and, wow! The puzzles are hard. Thank goodness the people with me were ... READ the POST