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A Few Things That STEM is Not

There is a story behind this post about things STEM is not... I overheard this one day, “STEM is just fluff. All they do is play and build things!” Grrrr…….Well, I decided to arm myself with information and my own experiences and see if I could help you with a few things! I started reading ... READ the POST

Best Books of April

My best books of April involve some fairly alarming reads. Kidnapping, ransom, murder for hire, and an old hotel with fabulous mysteries to be solved. Also, a chick-lit book that was really good. And one that was a little too slow moving for me (about a book club)! Hang on as we dive into 4 ... READ the POST

Best Practices for STEM

Hold onto your hats, folks, as we dive into a few Best Practices for STEM! Now, let’s start with a little disclaimer…..I teach STEM classes for three grade levels- after teaching in the regular classroom for 20+ years. Best practices or best strategies means something different to everyone. All I ... READ the POST

5 Myths About STEM…

(and how not to worry about it) It was the spring of 2013 when I first heard these words,  “We are going to have a STEM Lab next year!” Well, I didn’t exactly know what that meant, but I researched a little and then went back to my principal to let her know the job was going to be ... READ the POST

March’s Best Books

The best books of March, oh my. This month I have traveled with giraffes, read more about short-term memory loss, been mesmerized with a tale of horror, and been angered beyond anger at the antics of a company that employed a young man nicknamed Buck. Here are the best books of the month and one ... READ the POST

Math and STEM – A Perfect Combo

Math and STEM are like peanut butter and jelly, or cornbread and butter, or cats and mice...haha! Seriously, the M in STEM means math. Now, let's talk about two kinds of math that I find in STEM Challenges! There is incidental math. For me, this means math that happens naturally. We measure in so ... READ the POST