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Christmas Escape Rooms for Upper Elementary

Oh, how we love Christmas Escapes during the month of December! The first time we tried an escape room the students were hooked and when I started creating these events for holidays I was hooked. The engagement is high because students love the escapes and the competition. And we are secretly ... READ the POST

Best Books of October

Do you like fast-paced thrillers or slow-moving fictional stories best? I have some of both to share this month. These are the best books of October! I have four to review and a few more to recommend. This was a great month of books. I only gave up on one and it was a nonfiction selection I just ... READ the POST

Engaging STEM Sports Activities

If you are looking for something to grab the attention of your students, these resources are perfect! Looking for something STEM-related and engaging? I don't know about you, but somewhere around the real beginning of fall, I start losing kids. There is just something about the crisp fall air and ... READ the POST

Amazing Animals & Adaptations

Are your students intrigued by studying animals? I have some resources that will save you so much time! Take a look! My third graders always loved the animal stories in the basal reader the best. (Yes, we had basal readers and this was in 2013!) One of our favorite stories was about an eccentric ... READ the POST

Foosball STEM Challenge

Are you ready for some foosball? Your students will love this STEM activity and you will, too. (It's a free resource!) I still remember playing foosball when I was a teenager. We lived overseas, in Germany. I was an Army kid! Yep, grew up in Germany where we lived on an Army base, went to ... READ the POST