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Easy Ways to Grab More Books

Are you looking for easy ways to add to your book collection? How about ways to save money or get books for free? I have some ideas for you! I know I post about books all the time. I share my favorites and least favorites and try to steer you towards the best of the best. That is how I find books ... READ the POST

Things I Wish I Had Known… I began the teaching job of a specialist. Yes, there were surprises. There were things I wish I had known and many I learned by trial and error. Let's pause as I give you a little bit of history. I taught upper elementary grades for many, many years and then had the opportunity to transfer ... READ the POST

February’s Best Books

This short month brought me so many new books to try and provide book reviews. Some were just awful. In fact, I stopped reading one book after half a page. I stopped another book after the first chapter. I just do not have time for silly, frivolous yucky books. But I did find some new favorites. ... READ the POST

Reading and Science Task Cards!

Reading and Science combined into one fabulous task card set! Yes, please! This is such a fun premise for a task card set and it's one I invented several years ago. The sets have evolved over the years and my newest versions are just spectacular! Let me explain... How best to combine ... READ the POST

Can’t Miss Easy STEM Challenges

If this is your first foray into STEM you are in for a treat. These challenges are easy to set up, great fun, and oh-so-loved! These are sure-fire winners- not to be missed! The Truth! These 5 challenges are: all just loads of fun have easy materials and easy prepgreat for lots of ... READ the POST

January’s Best Books

That's right- the best books of January! The best of the month is my new book review format. I have tried reviewing five books each month and I tried one book per week. Then a stressful year happened and I read a lot of junk. It was hard to find a good book to share with you! So, I am ... READ the POST