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Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout

A bold statement is the title of this book. Do you think anything is possible? What does the title have to do with this book? Let's dig in! I almost, almost did not read this book. I saw that it was called a collection of short stories and that is not a genre I enjoy, but I started it anyway. ... READ the POST

Summer Book Reviews

Ahh, summertime books are the relaxing, predictable ones, aren't they? Well, not always. I found three to share with you that kept me guessing and in some cases, made me sit up straight and gasp. So, let's get going with the summer book reviews. And, just for fun, all three books have 'summer' in ... READ the POST

STEM for One Student

Is STEM for one student even do-able? How will it work? What is the teacher's part? Can it work vitually? Oh, my. I know you have questions and I am going to answer the ones I think are uppermost in your mind right now! If you have more questions, please use the comment box at the end of this ... READ the POST

Beach Reads Are the Best – Book Reviews

Are you ready for some middle-of-the-month book reviews. But, first, I have to be honest. I have said this many times and I will repeat- I am not usually a fan of chick lit! But...let me explain. I definitely do not care for the meet-cute, hate-at-first-sight, then fall in love books. But, a more ... READ the POST