Looking for STEM for One Resources?

Time Crunch Tips for STEM

Are you in a time crunch with your STEM classes? To be honest this was something I never thought about- until I started prepping for my first class and then making a transition from one class to the next. I ran around like crazy trying to get everything ready and then between classes... whew! It ... READ the POST

7 Tips to Avoid a Total Flop in STEM

A total flop! What? A STEM Challenge total flop! What is that? You know, to be honest, I don't even know. A total flop to me is going to be different for another teacher. I am guessing that a teacher expressing a STEM Challenge as a total flop means that none of the teams were successful. Total ... READ the POST

Amazing Animals & Adaptations

Are your students intrigued by studying about animals? My third graders always loved the animal stories in the basal reader the best. (Yes, we had basal readers and this was in 2013!) One of our favorite stories was about an eccentric old man that visited areas of the woodlands, swamps, bogs, and ... READ the POST

Best Books of August

My favorite books of August are interesting. Two involve airplanes, and most of them involve some kind of traveling. Two are about immigrants and one is a delicious gossipy family drama. And, I also will reveal my most disappointing book of the month. Things We Lost to the Water by Eric ... READ the POST

Easy Ways to Organize for STEM

I have a little peek inside how I organize materials and store things for STEM class! It is rather daunting to think about putting all these materials away- and then being able to find things again or quickly! I thought about that the first year I set up a STEM Lab and I worked really hard that year ... READ the POST

Boating and Pirates, Oh My!

Boating and pirates just seem to fit together and this was a revelation to me- like an 'aha' moment. Why haven't I thought of this before now? I have several different STEM boating challenges and I have some fabulous pirate resources- so let's put them together in a round-up of ... READ the POST