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Where will your next book take you?

I promise this happened accidentally. Now, I do sometimes read books with a theme - on purpose. This time it was accidental. I discovered I had read three books in a month's time that all had to do with time travel. Then I picked a fourth book and started listening to it was also a ... READ the POST

Keeping Introverts Engaged

Full disclosure: I am an introvert. As a young student I was the student that followed all the rules and never raised my hand or spoke out. I did not want attention called to myself. In a group, I rarely spoke and never took charge. I am fairly certain I would not have enjoyed STEM ... READ the POST

STEM at Home – Step By Step

Let's talk about STEM at Home! Can I just start by telling you how excited students are about this! Especially students that have been attending a STEM class weekly and love it. They are thrilled with hearing that they will be able to 'do STEM at Home'! "Ah," you say, "how does this work?" I know, I ... READ the POST