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Cranking Device Dilemmas

Cranking Device Dilemmas - say that three times fast! Ha! It's hard to say, I know! These challenges were also hard to invent a good name for. One of them is just called... "Cranking Devices". #clever The other is called "Rescue Devices". The two challenges have similar features, but share the ... READ the POST

Geodesic Domes and a Little Geometry

Do you know what a geodesic dome is? Is this a word your students know? I will admit I didn't know what the word geodesic meant when I first decided to try this challenge! As I was first contemplating this challenge I happened to be driving into Dallas on a little vacation and right in front us ... READ the POST

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones

Silver Sparrow is a book chosen simply because I had read a book by this author previously and I remembered her style. Her writing is elegant and quite beautiful to read. The opening line of this story is neither of these two things. "My father, James Witherspoon, is a bigamist." Silver ... READ the POST

5 Free STEM Challenges

Did you notice the title of this post- Free STEM Challenges? That's right! I have five amazing challenges that kids love so much and, yes, the resources are free. As always I will tell you a little bit about each free challenge and give you some tips that will help you make them work for ... READ the POST

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

Two women and two flights. For one of them it might be the last flight. Two women and two lives that are out of control. Two women that both want an escape. This book will grab you and not let go until the very last page. Twists and turns and non-stop decisions that will affect both women and ... READ the POST