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Let’s Go Skiing (in the STEM Lab)

The STEM Challenge to build Ski Lift Chairs is a way to add some "snowy" activities with great problem-solving. This Ski lift Challenge turned out to be the most fun in the middle of January! Even for my students that have never skied, it was a delightful STEM activity. It's an easy prep ... READ the POST

The Brown Bag Tree (Christmas STEM)

Simple materials, great problem-solving, designing, and teamwork! It's the Brown Bag Tree STEM Challenge! I have so many things to share about this amazing holiday project to design a Christmas tree using one simple material. We call it the Brown Bag Tree for a reason! What's the ... READ the POST

Engaging STEM Sports Activities

If you are looking for something to grab the attention of your students, these resources are perfect! Looking for something STEM-related and engaging? I don't know about you, but somewhere around the real beginning of fall, I start losing kids. There is just something about the crisp fall air and ... READ the POST

Fun Ways to Celebrate Winter Sports

If your students have the "Wintertime Blues" I have a perfect solution! A Winter Sports Breakout and STEM Challenge! One day in the midst of the wintertime a group of 5th-graders asked me when we would be doing another Escape Room.  They actually cheered when I told them I was working on ... READ the POST