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10 Best Books of 2021

My favorite blog post of the year is the listing of the best books of the year! Let me start by just saying I read a lot- this year I will read over 130 books. Some were fun, some were chick-lit and predictable, some were historical fiction, a few were nonfiction, some were serious discourses that ... READ the POST

November’s Best Books

November's best books...Ahh, what an interesting month of reading. And, yes, I found a theme for this month's reviews. Heartbreak. This underlying emotion of heartbreak was part of most of the books I read and 4 of the ones I am featuring today. The last book was pure joy. Take a look at ... READ the POST

Best Reads of September

The best books of September list has a wide variety of genres! Two deal with people that have health concerns, one features a woman that meets the result of an egg she once donated, and one is the latest from Stephen King. And, of course, I am including the book I was most disappointed in for ... READ the POST

7 Tips to Avoid a Total Flop in STEM

A total flop! What? A STEM Challenge total flop! What is that? You know, to be honest, I don't even know. A total flop to me is going to be different for another teacher. I am guessing that a teacher expressing a STEM Challenge as a total flop means that none of the teams were successful. Total ... READ the POST