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It’s Shark Week!

If you are ready for a room transformation featuring sharks, I have some time-savers for you. Let’s create a Shark Week!

Students love anything about sharks and I have so many ways to take advantage of their interest.

We start our study off with a few picture books and some reading passages. Then we tackle an escape room and end with a STEM Challenge.

Later we add task cards and flipper books to our reading centers. Sound good? Let’s dive into Shark Week!

Sharks resource round-up- This post features a Sharks Escape, Sharks reading passages, a flip booklet, and a Shark STEM Challenge. Perfect for Shark Week!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

Let’s start with Reading passages!

Sharks Reading Passages! The resource includes 4 reading passages and a magazine page featuring more Sharks articles. Each passage has comprehension questions. Highly engaging!

We usually start with the magazine selection. It grabs their attention and they love the little worksheets that go with it.

I have text features labeled on the magazine page and students also identify those features.

This sets the stage for the rest of Shark Week!

The set includes 4 reading passages in addition to the magazine page.

Shark Week needs an Escape Room!

Sharks Escape Room –Students complete three tasks finding clues to open locked boxes. The resource includes a “paper” locking system you can try instead of boxes with real locks. After escaping, students will design a Shark Trap with the STEM Challenge included in this resource.

Teams have 3 boxes to unlock! Each box features a task- math problems, a puzzle, and a map activity.

Completing the task leads to clues which leads to the lock code for the box.

Don’t worry! I included a ‘paper lock’ system that you can use instead of number locks.

There are several ways you can change the rules or level of the tasks to suit your class.

And, a very detailed teacher’s guide will walk you through the entire escape!

Time for a STEM Challenge for Shark Week!

STEM featuring Sharks - students design a humane way to capture a sharks to safely transport to a new habitat. Includes an opinion writing task.

Students must design a trap for catching a shark. THe story is that a shark must be relocated to a more friendly habitat and the shark trap must safely and comfortably make this happen.

I included an opinion writing task to end this fabulous challenge.

Also, notice the cute little sharks my students made with interlocking cubes!

Shark Week Task Cards

Sharks Task Cards! There are 56 task cards featuring reading comprehension and use of nonfiction text features. Four magazine style reading pages are included!

This set of task cards is my all time favorite thing I have ever created. The magazine pages with reading selections are so fabulous!     

I had great fun making this set and learned so much! Your students will love the task cards that go with the magazine pages, too!

There are 56 task cards that accompany the 4 magazine reading pages.

These are great for centers or early finishers.

A Shark Flip Booklet is also perfect!

Flip Book featuring Sharks - students create a mini-booklet all about sharks. The colorful finished product will be a great resource for assessment after your unit on sharks.

If you need more to keep your students engaged with Shark Week- try this little flip booklet.

Students color and respond to writing prompts all about sharks.

They complete this project by cutting out the pages and making their own Shark Booklet.

These activities are so fun and engaging! Let’s keep them busy during Shark Week- learning more about these amazing animals!


Sharks resource round-up- This post features a Sharks Escape, Sharks reading passages, a flip booklet, and a Shark STEM Challenge. Perfect for Shark Week!

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