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Creepy-Crawly Spiders – Activities in the STEM Lab

If you are thinking about Spiders for a theme week I have so many ideas to share with you! I have tips and resources that are already made for you- just print and get ready for high engagement from your students.

Is there anything more fun than teaching the differences between animal groups? I love helping students learn how to identify an insect versus a spider. Now, learning the difference between snakes… not so much.

Ha, actually, studying about snakes is also very interesting, just not my favorite animal!

Let’s jump right into this possible class transformation for you! Let’s make it Spider Week!

Ideas for a study of Spiders! Designed for elementary classrooms the resources include an Escape Room, a STEM Challenge, reading worksheets, task cards, and a flip booklet. All About Spiders!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

The Perfect Start to Spider Week!

Spiders Reading Passages! The resource includes 4 reading passages and a magazine page featuring more Spiders articles. Each passage has comprehension questions. Highly engaging!

Begin with a little bit of reading. You can introduce the theme with a picture book. I have several that we use and students love them.

Follow-up with reading passages students complete independently. They read and respond to basic comprehension questions.

My favorite part of these reading passage sets are the magazine-style selections. A very colorful page is included design to resemble a layout from a magazine.

I call these sets Print and Read because that is exactly what you will do. Easy prep! The highly engaging passages are great for centers, small groups, morning work, and early finishers. And, the set leads right to the next part of Spider Week!

Can you Complete the Spider Escape Room?

Spider Escape Room for Spider Week –Students complete three tasks finding clues to open locked boxes. The resource includes a “paper” locking system you can try instead of boxes with real locks. After escaping, students will design a Spider Cage with the STEM Challenge included in this resource.

Students complete three tasks to “escape”. Each task gives them clues which leads to numbers to open locked boxes.

Don’t worry, though, because I have thought of everything.

Each of my escapes includes a “paper lock” system. Instead of using a real lock, students bubble in the number code on paper strips.

My students love completing these escape adventures. They are very competitive and love trying to unlock the locks. They cheer when one opens and groan when they don’t.

The best part of this escape is that a STEM Challenge is included with it!

Design a Spider Cage

STEM featuring Spiders - students design a safe cage to carry some plastic spiders. There are rules about the size of the cage and students must add a viewing window. Perfect for your students of spiders or for use during Halloween season or for Spider WEek.

This one is so fun! Students must design a carrying cage to safely carry some plastic spiders.

The safety of the spiders is the focus so the carrier must have viewing windows. We want to be able to see the spiders are happy and healthy.

TIP: I used pieces of laminating film for the windows! I knew I saved those scrap pieces for some reason:)

This is an easy prep challenge. The materials are things you already have on hand- except for those plastic spiders. I bought mine at a dollar store during the Halloween season. They are actually spider rings! I just cut off the ring part.

Speaking of Halloween! This challenge is perfect for using as part of your October activities! Creepy spiders and a spider-themed week sounds fabulous to me:)

How about Spider Task Cards?

Spider Task Cards! There are 56 task cards featuring reading comprehension and use of nonfiction text features. Four magazine style reading pages are included! Perfect for Spider Week!

I love, love, love this set! It has 4 magazine-style layouts and task cards that are so full of amazing questions.

Some cards are basic comprehension and some are for identifying nonfiction text features or their purpose.

The colors and images on the pages are so fun. Students love the is set and you will too. Print, laminate, cut out, and go!

A set like this is great for centers, small groups, intervention, morning work, and students that finish their work early. Task cards can even be a way to introduce your spider-themed week.

The best part of these resources is the time you save. Grab things already made and get ready to learn with your students.


Ideas for a study of Spiders! Designed for elementary classrooms the resources include an Escape Room, a STEM Challenge, reading worksheets, task cards, and a flip booklet. All About Spiders!

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