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Let’s Get Ready for Back to School Time!

Are you thinking about those first few days or weeks? I have several ideas you can try that will keep those new students engaged and working!

Isn’t it exciting to get your classroom prepared for the first month back to school? I always loved that first few days…well, except for the mess! I’m like many of you as I stuff things in my cabinets in May and then in August I start pulling it all back out to organize! Chaos #right!

What I found many years ago is that packing things away in categories (like a BTS bin) helped me decorate and get ready for school to begin. I loved those little bins of posters and activities that were ready to go!

Let me share a few activity ideas with you today!

Getting ready for going Back to School! This fun blog post has ideas to get you excited about beginning a new year including, escape rooms, STEM, reading, math, and flip books!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

Reading and Math

Back to School reading comprehension worksheets with engaging articles for students. Your upper elementary students will love this set!
Math worksheets for upper elementary students. Your students will love this Back to School set!

These Print and Read sets are lifesavers! Seriously, you choose the reading level you need and print. Students are ready to read in minutes.

This set has back-to-school topics like one-room schoolhouses and the story of how a pencil is made. Very engaging, indeed!

My Print and Solve math sheets are just as lifesaving as the reading sets. Print the activities you need and get students working in centers or during small group time!

This set has worksheets for many skills, games, and a doodling sheet!

Flipper Books and Escape Rooms

Create a flip book to celebrate STEM or STEAM. This resource has several version to try with your elementary students.
A perfect way to begin a new school year! Try this Back to School Escape Room! A STEM Challenge is included!

A little flipper booklet for STEM or Science? Yes, please! How cute are these booklets!

Students learn all about the acronym for STEM or the Scientific Method. The booklets are small-in fact, they will fit in a composition notebook! Great way to start the year.

How fabulous is this! Students complete three tasks to open locked boxes and escape. This resource includes a STEM Challenge!

The tasks include matching words to categories, math problems, and using a secret code! #sofun

How about some STEM Challenges?

STEM Project - Students choose a classroom rule and build a model to “teach” the rules to the class. Fabulous for the beginning of the year. This Back to School activity is FREE!
STEM Project - Students design and build a working pencil box that must have a latch to keep it closed. Each team also invents a reason they must make a pencil box. This STEM Challenge is perfect for Back to School time!

This one is likely my favorite challenge ever! It’s the Rules Challenge.

Students must build a model that shows one of your classroom rules in action. When each team shares their model, they “teach” the rule to the other students.

This is perfect for Back to School time!

In this challenge, students are building a pencil box to hold some brand-new pencils.

The rules include having a handle and a latch to keep the box closed.

This challenge is a perfect way to use those brand new pencils as your year begins!

And finally, the perfect set for you!

Prefect resource for the busy first month of school! This puzzle set was designed for upper elementary students and includes color-by-number, word searches, mazes, and secret codes!

This puzzle set is a must-have at the beginning of the school year! It is amazing-

  • 3 Color-by-number sheets featuring math problems
  • 2 word searches featuring school vocabulary
  • A secret code message to decipher
  • A math maze with a riddle to solve

I included teacher directions for solving the puzzles and all the answer keys! Grab this one for emergencies, sub days, center work, or just for fun!

I hope you have found some resources and ideas to get your school year started nicely! Check my Back to School category for even more resources.

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Getting ready for going Back to School! This fun blog post has ideas to get you excited about beginning a new year including, escape rooms, STEM, reading, math, and flip books!

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