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Best Books of March

The best books of March are all so good! You will want to read every one of them!

This month I have a definite candidate for Book of the Year! Also, if you are not an audiobook listener I highly recommend that you try this format. Sometimes an audiobook narrator makes the story come to life!

Here are my best books of March.

Favorite books of March' best books of March;try them all

The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont

This historical fiction book was very entertaining.

It also made me want to read more about Agatha Christie- including some of her books.

The story of her husband’s affair, his mistress, and Agatha’s disappearance was wild.

This is the story of Nan O’Dea as much as it is that of Agatha Christie. Nan is the mistress of Archie Christie and we meet her as she tells the reader that Archie is going to inform his wife that he is leaving her for Nan.

Agatha’s reaction is to disappear. Soon, police officers from all over England are looking for her.

Nan’s story continues but travels back in time. Nan, as a young girl fell in love with Finbarr and became pregnant. Nan ends up in a nunnery to have the baby and a tragedy ensues. Bits and pieces of Nan’s story are added as the book moves along.

Keep in mind this book is a very fictional imagining of what might have happened during the time in 1926 when Agatha Christie could not be found. There are some interesting connections with some of the characters.

You may find that your original dislike for Nan will turn to sympathy as you hear her story. And, another surprise- you will love Agatha Christie!

I enjoyed this book and you will, too! 5 stars for The Christie Affair.

We Are the Light by Matthew Quick

This is the story of Lucas Goodgame and a horrendous tragedy that affected the entire town of Majestic, Pennsylvania.

Just to let you know, the tragedy was a mass shooting. Some details will be sprinkled throughout the book and at the end.

Despite knowing about the subject of this book I was intrigued by its format. Every chapter is a letter that Lucas is writing to his therapist. The letters are detailed, yet rambling from topic to topic. All are pleas to the therapist to please respond.

Lucas is considered by the survivors and relatives of the shooting victims to be a hero. He struggles with the death of his wife who appears to him in the form of an angel. Living with him as he recovers fro the tragedy is his wife’s friend, Jill.

And, then someone moves into a tent in Lucas’ backyard. It is Eli, the brother of the shooter.

Eli has been ostracized by the townspeople. Together Eli and Lucas embark on a project that will help the town heal. Who needs to be healed? Is it Eli? Is it Lucas? Is it everyone?

To be honest, I almost did not read past the first chapter. The rambling letter style didn’t appeal to me. Something is compelling, however, in the way the story unfolds. You will reach a point in the book where it all makes sense and then you will be glad you read it. 4 stars for this novel.

Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard

I love a good family drama and this story of a marriage, children, and all the feels is a great one for you to try.

Eleanor and Cam meet in Vermont in the early 1970s.

She’s an artist and writer and owns a farm, her dream. Cam doesn’t ever seem to have a real job. When they meet he is making wooden bowls to sell.

Four years later they are parents to three children, two daughters and a red-headed son. The son, Toby, is full of mischief and an interesting character. Eleanor is still the source of income for the family while Cam, again, never seems to have a job.

The New Hampshire farm gives Eleanor everything she always wanted. The family farm and her children are everything. Then one fateful day something happens that creates a rift. Is this an ominous sign for them? I will let you read to find out!

This book is beautifully written, slightly repetitive, and occasionally long-winded. I loved it anyway and reread parts frequently to savor the writing. If this genre is one you love, this is a perfect book! 4.5 stars

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

This book will be on my Top Ten list for this year. The book is superb, hilarious, heartbreaking, all the things.

The story is set in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Demon is a boy born to a teenage alcoholic with little means to care for herself, let alone a baby.

He has red hair, clever sarcasm, and an amazing will to survive. The story races along and never pauses as Demon encounters one trial after another. Told from his point of view Demon faces abuse from his step-father, the horrendous situations of foster care, working jobs even as a child, terrible schools, success as an athlete, addiction, and more.

Demon learns something early in life. “I was a lowlife,” he says, “born in a mobile home, so that’s like the Eagle Scout of trailer trash.”

At age 10, Demon enters the foster care system when his mother dies. He is placed on a farm with several orphaned boys, all of whom are treated poorly by the farmer. Demon, attempting to save food or money, must hand over anything of value to an older boy.

Next, he moves to the McCobbs where he sleeps in a dog’s room and must earn money to give to the family. Attending school is a nightmare and Demon is always hungry and poorly dressed. He is bullied by his classmates. And then, hope arrives in the form of a new placement.

I will leave the details out at this point because I want you to read this book. I listened to it and I am so glad I did. The narrator was magnificent. You will feel like it is Demon telling you his story. FIVE STARS for this amazing book!

Which one will you try first? Have you already read any of these? My best books of March were all winners!

Books I also read this month:

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Book reviews for the best books read in March. This includes Demon Copperhead, The Christie Affair, We are the Light, and Count the Ways.

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