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Engaging Resources for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has a fascination for elementary students. They love watching Punxsutawney Phil predict the early spring or more snow. Actually, I think students like the thought of more snow days!

If you want some engaging resources for late January or February, I have resources for Groundhog Day!

Fun resources for a fun holiday! It's all Groundhog Day- task cards, Boom cards, and a flip book! Check this post for details!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

Let’s Get Started with A Groundhog Day Flip Book

These little mini-flip books are so fun to make. It’s easy for you, too, since two pages of the booklet fit on one sheet of paper means less copying!

Here is a perfect booklet for using on Groundhog Day!! Create a six-page mini booklet with your students to research and learn more about this fun day. It is a fabulous way to introduce or reinforce your student’s knowledge of a science topic. This Little Flipper is also perfect for a quick study as you watch the groundhog predict the weather.

Students cut out their own pages by following the cutting lines I created for them. I do advise completing all the work before cutting the pages apart!

Students will write about groundhogs, write about legend of Groundhog Day, write about the location of the official Groundhog Day ceremony, and complete vocabulary sections.

This booklet is perfect for:

  • centers
  • small groups
  • seatwork
  • sub days!

Nonfiction Groundhog Day Task Cards

I love these task cards so much! Students read passages from pages that are designed to resemble magazine layouts. The pages are colorful and fun to use. (I also provide the pages in black and white for your convenience!)

Task Cards for a Fun Day or any day- to learn more about a legend and the groundhog! Let's make your life easier with a resource already prepared for you and something to keep your students busy learning about this February holiday.

The task cards have questions about the text features marked on the pages.

There are also basic comprehension questions. The task cards are color-coded depending on the topic. But, I provided those in black and white also. Just print them on colored paper!

These are perfect for the same uses as the flip book- centers, small groups, sub days.

If you are reluctant to print and cut out all those parts I have another set you will love!

Groundhog Day Boom Cards

The same nonfiction task card set above is also available in the Boom format. The magazine articles are the same. I just placed one article on a page with the questions. On the Boom website, students just click their answer and automatically advance to the next card and question. (By the way, you can use Boom cards with a free Boom account!)

This set of Boom Cards features 48 cards all about Groundhog Day. You will love the easy prep - no printing, no cutting, and no laminating! These digital self-checking Boom Cards are such a great way for students to enjoy learning about Groundhog Day.

This set is so fun! If a student misses a question they can try again!

And for you there is not printing, laminating, or cutting.

Have you tried Boom cards? I have a great collection in my TpT store for math, reading, and science topics.

Start with the Groundhog Day set and you will be hooked!

Fun resources for a fun holiday! It's all Groundhog Day- task cards, Boom cards, and a flip book! Check this post for details!

What better way to engage your students during these long winter months. Grab a set of task cards, boom cards, or flip books and learn all about Groundhog Day!

Click on any of the images to see more details!

Groundhog Day Escape

This fabulous paper/pencil breakout features groundhogs and Groundhog Day. The tasks will keep your students reading and re-reading to escape. This Escape is the ultimate breakout and it's easy prep!

This nonfiction reading escape is perfect for early February. Students have a reading passage and 4 tasks.

Each task uses the reading passage to solve problems, find clues, and discover a code number.

Find all 4 code numbers and you escape! Award certificates included!

EASY PREP! All you have to do is make copies! This is perfect for busy teachers!

What about a Color-by-Number?

Are you looking for a no-prep activity to keep students engaged? Here's a perfect set of color-by-number worksheets featuring a Groundhog Day theme and simple multiplication. These color-by-code worksheets feature addition, basic multiplication facts, simple multiplication problems, and using a table. This is a perfect way to practice those skills and have fun.

Are you ready to keep students engaged? These color-by-number sets will definitely do that. My sets include 5 coloring worksheets. Students solve math problems to find the number codes and then color accordingly.

The groundhog set features multiplication. Your 4th and 5th graders will enjoy the math problems and, of course, they will love revealing the pictures.

You will love these easy Print and Go sets! (Click the image to see this resource!)

Money-Saving Bundle

Save some money and grab all 3 Groundhog Day resources in a bundle! Just click the image to see the details!

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Fun resources for a fun holiday! It's all Groundhog Day- task cards, Boom cards, and a flip book! Check this post for details!

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