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A Round-Up of Landform Projects

Does your state have requirements that require studying landforms? Mine sure does! In fact, we have science and social studies standards that include landforms. The good news about this is how exciting it is to create booklets, complete STEM building challenges, and practice with flashcards, Boom cards, and task cards!

A little background… many years ago one of my favorite beginning of the year projects with my third graders was to put together our landform booklets. I created a template and made enough copies for each students to have about 15 pages. The template was very basic- just an empty box and another box with lines on it. (This was wat before fancy things had been invented. My templates were made in Microsoft Word, okay!)

Students drew a sketch of a landform in the empty box on the template and then wrote about the landform using the box with lines. They created a cover on their own and we had a booklet to use all year!

Then one year I discovered clipart and PowerPoint and well…. much fancier booklets followed! Alomg with a plethora of engaging and much-loved landform projects. Let me share these with you today!

Earth's Landforms is an exciting study in elementary school. Check this blog post for landforms projects - including booklets, Boom cards, task cards, STEM Challenges, and more!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

Landform Projects Agenda

On the list today I have:

  • Landform Booklet Kit
  • Boom Cards
  • Escape Rooms
  • STEM Challenge
  • Reading Resources
  • Flipper Booklets

We will start with the fancy booklet kit that involved from my very simple templates!

Landform Booklet Kit

This landform project kit is the ultimate with ideas for practice with landforms. It involves posters, flashcards, writing, and more! For each idea in the resource an overview of ways to use it is included. Photos are included to help you!

This booklet includes 14 pages of templates you can use. I made them in half sizes to save on printing and in color or black/white. Students love to color the clipart with colored pencils.

I learned many years ago that students did not always know what landforms looked like so I included 28 posters that you can display during your study.

This kit also includes flashcards and writing prompts. And if you prefer interactive notebooks instead of the large booklets I included a matchbook-style graphic organizer that can be used.

This AMAZING set can be used in SO many ways!

  • The poster set can be used to decorate a display all about landforms.
  • The booklet templates can be completed and put together as a landform booklet.
  • The booklet templates are included with colored drawings and black/ white drawings.
  • Each template has space for writing about the landforms.
  • Flashcards may be used with games and for review of the landforms.
  • Writing prompts are included and may be used in your writing center to help students cement their learning about landforms

Boom Cards

I have two really fun Boom sets that are about landforms, rocks, minerals, and volcanoes.

This set of Boom Cards features 50 cards to practice landform vocabulary and identification. These digital self-checking Boom Cards are such a great way for students to practice their knowledge of landforms.
This set of Boom Cards features 48 cards all about the Rocks, Minerals, and Volcanoes. Students will read about kinds of rocks and how they are formed, specific famous volcanoes, how a volcano erupts, the dangers of a volcano, and more. Students will answer questions to identify text features or their purpose and respond to basic comprehension questions. These digital self-checking Boom Cards are such a great way for students to enjoy learning about the rocks, minerals, and volcanoes.

In this science Boom set students are identifying landforms or using landform vocabulary. This set includes photographs of clipart of landforms.

There are 50 cards in either multiple choice or drag and drop styles.

Be sure you watch the video preview that is included with this resource.

My students loved reading magazines and answering questions about the text features and content. That is why I started making my own “magazine” reading pages with task cards. These, of course, turned into Boom cards!

I love using those task cards, but with Boom you have no printing! I can include fabulous photos on the Boom slides because you don’t have to print them out!

Also, the self-checking Boom cards are fabulous for teachers. This set has reading passages with questions!

Escape Rooms

My students are hooked on the Escape Room format and love it so much! I cannot invent new scenarios fast enough.

If your elementary students are loving Escape Rooms this Landforms Breakout is going to be perfect! It is a great culmination of your study of landforms. This resource also includes a STEM Challenge!
Are your elementary students loving Escape Rooms or Locked Box challenges? Mine beg for more! This one is perfect for adding some zest to your study of Landforms, Volcanoes, Hawai’i, and a way to tie it all together with problem-solving and a STEM Challenge! It’s an Escape Room Challenge with a Science-based theme! This Escape Room features Volcanoes and Hawai’i.

In the Landform Escape Room students complete three tasks to unlock boxes. When each box is unlocked, the teams either get the next task or the directions for a STEM Challenge.

The three tasks for this landform project include identifying landforms, solving math problems, and reading passages to place in chronological order.

The STEM Challenge is to build a model of landforms. More about this challenge is included below!

There is some prep involved in setting up the escape room and STEM Challenge but is well worth your time. Also, the pieces that are needed for the escape can be laminated, saved, and used again in the future!

In the Escape the Volcano Escape Room students use a map grid to find a volcanic beach, solve math problems, and put together a puzzle. The focus of this escape is the islands of Hawaii.

Students use posters and their task results to determine the lock codes to unlock each box.

The STEM Challenge included in this landform project is to build a model of a volcano. More about this challenge is included below!

STEM Challenges

If you have been studying landforms this is the STEM Challenge for you! Students are challenged to create a scene showcasing landforms and they must design each model!

In the Landform STEM Challenge students build a model of a specific number of landforms. The landforms must be labeled and realistic (as much as possible).

The landscape created will show as many landforms as you assign (we did 10) and these are are displayed as if it is one scene.

The creativity of students will make this challenge fun for them and for you! I loved how students used clay and scrap paper to embellish their designs.

In the Volcano STEM Challenge, students “purchase” materials to design the volcano model. Their model will be tested using baking soda and vinegar.

Will the models have a “lava flow”? This depends on how the model is built. We had some spectacular lava flows and we had some that never left the container inside the model. The model’s size and the placement of the lava reservoir is important!

(Yes, we did talk about real lava and what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix!)

Landform Projects about Reading

If you are “bogged down” with prepping for your students, let me help! This print and read set is perfect for having students reading in a matter of minutes. These reading comprehension sheets with informational text are great in so many ways. The topic of this set is also amazing! It’s all about landforms. This would be great addition to your Distance Learning printed packets.
If your students love volcanoes as much as mine do, this Print & Read resource is going to be perfect for you! This has been designed for those students you have that love non-fiction reading. You are going to love the format using non-fiction text features and comprehension worksheets. Just print and read- ready to go! This is not a digital resource.

Both of these are Print and Read sets. This means you just choose the passage you want, print it, and students can get busy quickly. Just print and read!

Each set has 4 reading passages with questions on the pages. You can use all 4 or just pick and choose what works with your studies. Also, the reading passages are provided in two ability loevels.

In addition, a “newspaper” or “magazine” page is included in each set. The text features are marked on the reading passages. Students have 2 graphic organizers and one question page with each set. The questions include identifying the text features and basic content questions.

Flipper Booklets

Have you tried a little flipper booklet? These turn out to be about 5 x 8 inches in size and they are so fun. These little booklets make a perfect seatwork activity during small group time! It’s a great way to add written work about a science topic during your reading time!

Here’s a great way to introduce or reinforce your student’s knowledge of the kinds of rocks and the rock cycle. Students will write about and decorate clipart samples of the kinds of rocks. They will also decorate a fabulous illustration of the rock cycle. Use this little flipper to accompany your study of rocks!
Here is a perfect booklet for using with your study of Volcanoes! Create a six-page mini booklet with your students to research and learn more about volcanoes. This is a fabulous way to introduce or reinforce your student’s knowledge of a science topic. This Little Flipper is also perfect for a follow-up after a STEM Challenge!

In the Rocks Flipper students will:

  • write about and decorate clipart samples of the kinds of rocks
  • decorate a fabulous illustration of the rock cycle.

In the Volcano Flipper students will:

  • Label the layers of the earth
  • Illustrate three kinds of volcanoes (an alternative page is included that shows four kinds)
  • Label a volcano cross-section
  • List facts about two volcanic rocks
  • Match volcano words and meanings
  • Research a volcano of their choice

And there you go, friends, so many landform projects! Click on any of the images to see the details about these fabulous resources. You might also enjoy these round-up posts:

Earth's Landforms is an exciting study in elementary school. Check this blog post for landforms projects - including booklets, Boom cards, task cards, STEM Challenges, and more!