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Easy Ways to Grab More Books

Are you looking for easy ways to add to your book collection? How about ways to save money or get books for free? I have some ideas for you!

I know I post about books all the time. I share my favorites and least favorites and try to steer you towards the best of the best. That is how I find books – recommendations. My favorite books are easy to share with you.

But, the other day, someone asked me how on earth I am able to get more books without wrecking my budget. (Because, I read a lot- like averaging 12 books per month…) So, I thought I would share all the ways I grab more books!

Easy way to get books for less money or for free. This blog post has the details. If you are a voracious reader this post is for you!

In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

Let me start with…

…are you an E-reader or a paper book reader? For years I resisted choosing e-Books. Y’all I just like the feel of a real book. I like seeing my progress by where my bookmark rests. I also collect bookmarks!

But, then, I discovered an e-Book that I love. I use the Kindle Paperwhite.

This is the one I have. It’s the version that has ads (which makes it less expensive), but this is not distracting. They only appear when you open the Kindle.

I purchased mine on Black Friday when you can grab one for a much lower price tag. Also, I recycled my used Kindle for more of a discount.

Why do I love my Kindle? Oh, man, it has so many bells and whistles!

  • I can read in the dark. No lamp. I can read in a car in the dark or in bed.
  • I can read in the sunshine- no glare!
  • I can change the font size. This is important since paper books sometimes have tiny print.
  • I can instantly look up words. Most of the time I can decipher a meaning from context, but I do occasionally check a word to see exactly what it means.
  • I can track a character. This is my favorite thing. I sometimes forget the details of a minor character and when I see the name I can just search it and find all the references to that character to refresh my thinking.
  • Also, Kindle books are less expensive than paper books.

So, I can seriously recommend using a Kindle.

Let’s talk about options for your E-Reader…

Easy ways to grab more books to read and save a little money. Check this blog post for the details.

Like I said, I love my Kindle. BUT you do not have to have one to read Kindle books!

You can download the Kindle app to your phone or tablet and read from the app. I actually like the way the pages turn in the app more than my Kindle.

Teachers, here’s a thought. Use an E-Reader for books to read aloud to your students. I tried this many times with first and second graders. I projected the book with my computer and the book was gigantic on my whiteboard screen. Every student can see the pictures and the words as you read them!

And, as I said, Kindle books are usually about $5.00 less than the paper versions. But, there is more…

Have you tried Amazon Prime Reading? Oh, my goodness… If you pay for Prime, you need to check out the monthly book selections. At the beginning of each month, Amazon offers 5-6 books for free. You usually can only choose one. These books are new releases and I have really good luck with choosing one that turns out to be fabulous! These e-Books can be read on the Kindle app!

Kindle Unlimited

Easy ways to grab more books to read and save a little money. Check this blog post for the details.

Do you know about Kindle Unlimited? It’s a book service provided through Amazon. You pay a monthly fee and can “borrow” as many books as you want. You can have up to 10 in your Kindle library. You read the book and then return it.

The more you read the more you save on that monthly fee.

Now, let me tell you a couple of secrets… Kindle Unlimited makes a great gift. You can also try it for a month or two and see what you think. Psst….here is the secret. If you cancel your subscription, Amazon will send you a month or more for free if you re-subscribe.

Are the books good? I do find it to be hit-or-miss. Sometimes I can find 4-5 books and add them to my Kindle Unlimited library and sometimes I find zero. It’s a little bit like going to the public library.

Use the offer I am linking below to try two months of Kindle Unlimited!

Book of the Month Club

Easy ways to grab more books to read and save a little money. Check this blog post for the details.

This idea is for those of you that prefer paper books and new releases.

Book of the Month Club does have a monthly fee that you pay to choose one book.

Each month you are sent the selections that are available.

You choose between five books. I always check the reviews first and make sure I am choosing one that appeals to me. What if you don’t like any of them? You can skip that month! What if you like more than one? You can purchase the extra book at a lower price!

I am very picky about which book I choose and I have had good luck finding really good ones! Book of the Month Club might work for you. I have it linked for you so you can take a look at the books that are currently being offered!

Discounts- We all love a bargain!

So, I shop for books often and have quite a few wish lists.

Here’s what happens to me all the time!

I scroll and look for books and may add them to my Amazon wishlist.

Two days later I get an email.

It’s Amazon offering me a $5 discount on the book I was looking for. Or a $5 coupon for books from my wish list. Sometimes it is an offer for a particular book and sometimes it is for anything on my list. Occasionally, I just get a random credit to buy a new book.

And, then, there is my favorite book store ever. Have you ever shopped at 2nd and Charles? It is a used book store (they also have new books). I take my Goodreads list and just browse the aisles until I am loaded down with books! The shelves may have several of the same titles and if you look closely you can find some that are priced lower. If you are ever shopping for older books you are likely to find them.

Also, teachers, they have children’s books!

Listening to Books

Easy ways to grab more books to read and save a little money. Check this blog post.

I always have a book that I am listening to while I am reading another book. This works for me if the genres are different!

I use Audible from Amazon for my books. Again, this is a monthly fee. Your fee gives you a credit and each credit is a book.

Audible has every book imaginable and they have free ones! The Audible Plus catalog has free books and Audible also has original works that are free. And here is a secret… these books are returnable! If a book is awful or the narrator is yucky, you can return the book. You get the credit back to use for a new book.

This link will let you take a closer look at Audible! I love listening to books- especially when the narrator is acting out all the parts.

The Library

Easy ways to grab more books to read and save a little money or get them for free. Check this blog post for the details.

Seriously, the library! Long ago, I checked out Books on Tape from the library.

Then BAM- they started having e-Books.

Y’all, this is a game-changer. For free you can borrow books for your Kindle (or the app).

If you have not already done this- go to your library’s website and check on using their digital library. My library has a ‘hold’ system. I can click to hold books that are not available and when the book becomes available they email me. I have my books scheduled to be checked out for 21 days and then I return them! For free!

And guess what- they have audio-books, too! The books are by a different publisher than Audible, but I have listened to some that were great!

I hope I have given you some great ideas for finding new or used books! (Some of the links I have provided are affiliate links.)

Happy Reading!!

Easy way to get books for less money or for free. This blog post has the details. If you are a voracious reader this post is for you!