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The Last Flight by Julie Clark

Two women and two flights. For one of them it might be the last flight.

Two women and two lives that are out of control. Two women that both want an escape.

This book will grab you and not let go until the very last page. Twists and turns and non-stop decisions that will affect both women and their futures. I loved this book!

The Last Flight by Julie Clark is a non-stop thriller about two women that trade places at the airport. One of their planes crashes. Both women are trying to escape a bad situation- who lives?

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Claire Cook has a seemingly perfect life. Married to Rory Cook, a wealthy politician, living in a luxurious townhome with housekeepers and drivers and staff at her fingertips, what else could Claire want? On the surface, it all seems blissful, but what people cannot see is the abusiveness of her husband. Her every move is carefully coordinated by Rory and his staff, especially his assistant, Bruce.

Claire is not allowed to do anything that is not part of the picture-perfect world of political life. Behind closed doors Claire is pinched, shoved, hit, and emotionally abused by her husband.

With the help of a friend named Petra, Claire is able to save money and purchase a phony ID and passport. She is planning to escape and disappear. Petra will send her money and identification items to a hotel where she will be attending a conference set up by her husband. Then Claire can get away.

On the morning she is set to leave, Bruce informs her there has been a change in plans. Rory is going to the conference and Claire is going to Puerto Rico for a charity event instead. Her plan falls apart. Claire also knows she will be caught- the package with her money and ID will be found by Rory.

Instead, Claire is driven to the JFK airport where she will board a flight to Puerto Rico. While waiting on her flight, she is approached by a young woman that strikes up an odd conversation. It doesn’t take much for them to start talking and soon they are laughing about a movie in which two people trade places.

Moments later, Claire is headed to a different flight with the other woman’s belongings and jacket. She has become Eva James.

Eva James was flying to Oakland, California and jumps at the chance to switch to Claire’s flight to Puerto Rico.

In Oakland, Eva had been heavily involved in a drug-making operation and she desperately needs to escape this life. Becoming Claire Cook is the solution that will set her free.

Eva discovered while in college that she could make illegal pills using her knowledge of chemistry. Selling those pills to a local drug pusher has given her many advantages- especially since she had to leave school when caught selling the pills herself.

Eva lives in a duplex with an older neighbor named Liz who has become her closest confidante (of sorts). Eva has no family since her mother abandoned her as a young child and her grandparents did not want her. Always looking for approval and someone to love her, Eva desperately needs to leave the crime life and this trip to Puerto Rico is giving her that chance.

One of the planes lands. The other does not. One of the women discovers the other plane has crashed. That woman must pick up the pieces of a new identity and make it work or risk everything.

The chapters alternate. One chapter is present-day and relates the story of the survivor and how she is trying to acclimate to her new existence. The alternating chapters tell the story of the second woman during the 6 months leading up to the plane switching event.

Who will escape – the wealthy socialite trying to get away from her abusive relationship or the young drug maker looking to get away from her drug boss?

This book is well-written and full of beautiful passages. The last few chapters will have you on the edge of your seat. There was a moment when I sat up straight and said, “Wait! What? Who?” I enjoyed this page-turner book a lot! 4.5 stars

My rating system: 5 stars- perfection, the book was written well, held my attention, and I did not want it to end. 4 stars- the book was really good, but I had questions or concerns about parts of it. This might include the way it ended. 3 stars- the book was okay, but I just didn’t like it much. 2 stars- I skimmed most of it. 1 star- I could not finish it.

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