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Get a Head Start on Halloween

A head start early in October is just what teachers need to plan ahead for the Halloween season!

Let’s face it! Elementary age students love Halloween and you are going to need resources read-to-go to get you through this month! I can help with that. I have STEM Challenges, reading comprehension sets, and Boom Cards that will be an easy grab for you!

Get a head start on planning for Halloween with ideas from this blog post! STEM, Reading, and Math resources!

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Let’s start with STEM!

My students loved building these elevators. We have lifted small pumpkins, black kettles full of candy corn, and even apples. And that is the best news ever! This challenge can be used at any time of the year!


This challenge started as a way to lift a tiny pumpkin. My original idea was to use a small gourd-type pumpkin but I could not find any.

So, I used these plastic pumpkins instead. I found them t the Dollar Tree and have used them for several years now. They were not heavy enough so I added sand. You could also add water.

The challenges is to rig a device that will lift the pumpkin and carry it back down safely.

Here’s an a--maze -ing STEM challenge to use for October STEM or try some variations for any time of year. This one uses Halloween décor and a haunted house theme. Kids love building mazes for any reason and they loved, loved creating the Haunted House theme with this maze. The materials are super easy to gather and the kids will do the rest!

Haunted House Maze

My students really love this. They love all mazes but decorating one with Halloween items just makes it more fun.

You can make these inside a gift box or use a box that soft drinks come in. Both are a great size.

I bought the Halloween decoration at Dollar Tree and we used a rolling eyeball to get through our mazes.

The challenge is to make a maze with turns and dead ends.

Perfect for Halloween! Students love to launch objects and this STEM activity uses pumpkin candy. Those little pumpkins are just the right size to launch through the air. Here's the good news! You can substitute with small plastic pumpkins, orange pom-poms, or even real tiny pumpkins. Even better, change this completely and use any time of year!

Pumpkin Launchers

This annual event is one my older students look forward to. They love building the launchers and then firing those candy pumpkins.

We set up cups to knock down with the pumpkins and also have competitions for the longest distance.

I buy the candy at Dollar Tree. One tip is that you will need to re-supply teams as they use those candies. They soften from being held and will get lopsided!

Let’s get you ready for Halloween! This has been designed for those students you have that love nonfiction reading. You are going to love the format using nonfiction text features and comprehension worksheets. Just print and read- ready to go!


This informational reading set is perfect in the days leading up to Halloween. The passages are in two reading levels and one page is a newspaper style article page.

The focus of my sets is on using text features. Each passage has basic comprehension questions. It’s a fun set.

Just Print and Read!

Are you ready for a nonfiction reading adventure with spiders? Grab this Spiders task card set that features a magazine-style format with text features and comprehension questions. The highly-engaging articles are all about spider's classifications, venomous vs. poisonous, the daddy-long-legs spider, spider sizes, and more. Your students will love this set!

Here is a perfect alternative for reading nonfiction. This amazing set of Spiders Nonfiction Text Features Task Cards has a four-page magazine-style ending set with tasks.

Use these with a game of Halloween scoot and award students those little plastic spider rings when they complete the task cards!

Moving on to Boom Cards

This set of Boom Cards features 40 cards to practice these fourth-grade multiplication skills. These digital self-checking Boom Cards are such a great way for students to practice many forms of math- especially when the cards are decorated for a favorite holiday!

Have you tried Boom Cards yet? This is an amazing interactive way to use task cards. Students use personal devices or classroom computers to access a deck. They solve a problem and click through to the next one. If an answer is incorrect they immediately get a buzz to let them know.

I have two sets for each grade (3-5) in a Halloween theme! These would be perfect in the last week leading up to Halloween Day!

Have you tried a Digital Breakout?

The Escape the Haunted House is completely digital! No locks, no boxes, nothing to prep!

Students will tackle four tasks in a Google Slides presentation. Each task focuses on a different skill.

Escape the Haunted House

Let’s cut to the nitty-gritty with this resource. It is totally digital- no printing, no boxes, no locks.

Your prep consists of two things:

  • Add a link to the last slide in Google Slides
  • Assign the breakout!

That’s it, seriously! Everything is ready to go. Details below!

Students open a Google slide presentation and begin with a few slides with instructions. Task 1- students read a message about a haunted house and then click on a link that takes them to a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle gives them their first lock code.

Task 2- Students look at a “poster” of the haunted house rules and find misspelled words. They drag correct spellings to the poster and the order of the correct items gives them the second lock code.

There are two more tasks and after completing them, students click a link to a Google form. The lock codes they have gathered are added to the Google form and if they are all correct a congratulations message pops up!

So, fun! The tasks involve spelling, math problems, and reading a Halloween poem! They will love this digital breakout and you will, too. The teacher’s guide explains everything in detail, with photos.

I hope I have given you some ideas to get through this busy, fun month of October. Getting a head start on Halloween is always a great idea! (Click on any of the images to see these resources in more detail!)

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Get a head start on planning for Halloween with ideas from this blog post! STEM, Reading, and Math resources!