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Fast and Easy STEM Projects

Are you looking for fast and east STEM ideas? Do you need something quick that takes very little prep? Are you looking for something that students can work on without sharing materials?

I have some projects to share with you that are definitely fast and easy! I will also link some blog posts for you to read more details abut a few of these ideas!

Fast and Easy STEM Projects for a busy teacher with no time to waste. Ideas and photos will give you details on this blog post.

I am Just Like You

I walk into the STEM lab and need to change plans with little warning. An assembly, a fire drill, a late opening, and so many more things take away our time and leave me scrambling for something I can throw together quickly and easily. Take a look at these five fast and easy challenges!

Paper Chain Challenge- students use one piece of paper to make the longest chain. It is a fast and easy STEM Challenge.

Paper Chains

For this one you need one piece of paper and tape for each team. That is it! The students try to make the longest chain possible using only those materials.

You will learn quickly what some of them think a chain should look like and you will likely have several teams that create something outside the box!

BLOG POST: The Easiest of Materials – Paper Chains

Paper Plate Maze Challenge- students use materials to make a maze on a plate. It is a fast and easy STEM Challenge.

Plate Mazes

Paper plates and your scrap box and throw in a marble and you have the plate maze challenge. There are some rules about what must be included in this challenge.

TIPS: Use the sturdiest paper plates and limit the amount of decorations students can add. They will easily over-decorate and you cannot travel through the maze!

BLOG POST: Marvelous Mazes

Foil Towers

One piece of foil and tape- if you want to use it. Students are building the tallest possible tower that resembles a tower and will remain standing. There are additional rules you can add!

TIP: Foil does come in different weights. The heavier weighted foil will work better, but it is costly. I use foil sheets from Dollar Tree.

BLOG POST: Why You Need to Build Towers

Design a Raft

This one is fast and easy, but may not be something you can throw together spontaneously. You need a dish pan full of water is the only extra prep. Students need straws, craft sticks, and tape. We also use w small cup and pennies to add eights to our rafts.

TIP: These will tip over easily and tape gets wet. Have real towels on hand to clean up!

BLOG POST: Rushing for Gold

Index Card Towers

Without a doubt this is one of our favorites. Kids need index cards and that is all. It seems simple, but it is quite challenging. You can limit the amount of cards and use any size.

TIP: Get the heavier weight cards- if possible.

BLOG POST: The Best Tower Ever

There are you are STEM friends- the fastest and easiest of STEM Challenges to get you through those rough days. I would not hesitate to leave these with a substitute! Click on any of the images to see resources in my TpT store!

Fast and Easy STEM Projects for a busy teacher with no time to waste. Ideas and photos will give you details on this blog post.
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