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Big Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chamberlain

What a wonderful and uplifting book Big Lies in a Small Town turned out to be!

It has been on my wish list for a while and I finally got to it- I listened to this one and suggest you do, too. The narrator is fabulous! (I have Audible linked for you at the bottom.)

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It is 1940-something when Anna Dale wins a contest to paint a mural that will hang in the Post Office in Edenton, North Carolina. She arrives at the town, full of excitement, only to discover the townspeople are skeptical of her ability to paint the mural and unhappy that she won the contest. It seems that a local man, Martin Drapple, had also entered the contest, and was expected to win. He is angry, the town is angry, and even his wife approaches Anna with disdain.

Ann’s idea for the painting is a depiction of a tea party. People are also unhappy with this choice. Anna’s only friend becomes a local young man, named Jesse, that helps her with the painting. This causes controversy as well because Jesse is black. Jesse and his family become the only allies Anna has.

This story, however, is the tale of two women. The other is Morgan. She is a 22-year-old serving a prison sentence at the North Carolina Correctional Facility in Raleigh for a DUI car accident in which she took the blame. Morgan unexpectedly is visited by Lisa Williams.

Her father, the artist Jesse Jameson, has died. He left behind a will in which he demands that Morgan is to restore a 70-year-old mural canvas. This gives Morgan the opportunity to be free from prison. She has no expertise in restoring paintings, but she jumps at this chance.

Of course, Morgan arrives in Edenton to restore the painting and immediately begins to learn about Anna Dale. She meets Jesse’s remaining family members, including a very elderly woman that knew Anna Dale. What a mystery this becomes! In fact, it becomes big lies in a small town.

Why was Morgan chosen to restore the painting? Why does the painting need to be restored by a certain date? What ever happened to Anna Dale?

The book wraps it all up nicely by the end and I think you will love the way the story is resolved! The chapters alternate from Anna to Morgan and will leave you hanging a few times- but I loved this book! Five stars for this one!

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