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More Distance Learning Ideas

Can we talk about distance learning? What does it mean for you? For many of us, it means online lessons and assignments. Thank goodness for Boom Learning and digital resources! If you read my post last week I told you about STEM at Home. But, what about those classrooms and teachers that do not have access to computers, tablets, and the internet? What are you doing for distance learning?

What are you seeing?

Social media is so much a part of our lives right now and here is what I am seeing from teachers and parents.

  • No internet access or having to drive away from home to have internet access. People that live in rural communities are relying on satellite-based internet and this is not always efficient.
  • Multiple children trying to be online at the same time! I am seeing so many posts about being frustrated that parents do not have devices for every child or the bandwidth to handle several devices at the same time.
  • And teachers! I am reading post after post from teachers that are trying to learn how to use websites and programs to best send lessons and assignments to their students.

Here is the good news! We are all in this together and every single day I see inspiring posts that offer solutions. The post about living in a rural community was followed with response after response from parents in the same situation and what they are doing to cope.

How can I help?

I am learning just like you are! In the last few weeks, I have tackled creating Boom Cards and I have a few available sets now.

I also put together two resources of STEM at Home projects that are amazing and easy. These are digital and printable and I love them. (*working on set 3)

I also learned how to create Google Slides/Drive resources and I am working furiously to switch some of my reading resources to a digital format. (*I have 4 completed and many to go! But, wow, the learning curve on this one was fierce. But I persisted!)

Some of You Don’t Need Digital

For all the aforementioned reasons some teachers cannot go completely digital right now. In fact, the governor of my state did say that students did not have to be given assignments because computer and internet access is not equitable.

My school system has opted to use digital and printable packets. And that is where I come in- for teachers that need printables.

My series of Quick Reads is perfect for right now. Five reading passages with questions- one a day. Take a look!


Do you know about the trapdoor spider? It hides in a tiny burrow with a dirt clod door and springs out and leaps on prey when it gets too close.

This set has paired passages about the trapdoor spider and the wolf spider. I really loved writing those!

Endangered Animals

Oh. My. Goodness. The story of Yellowstone and the grizzlies and the wolves is fascinating!

The grizzly was being threatened and the park reintroduced wolves to the area. This totally changed so many populations of animals. You have to read about this!

Bioluminescent Animals

Are you kidding me? These were all so fun to read and write about! There is a place off the coast of Japan where people gather to watch the spawning of the firefly squid. The squid has rows of lights and can alternate them with patterns.

People gather in boats and on the shore to watch this light show!

Animal Defenses

I love that some lizards can break off their tails when they are attacked and scamper away. Their tail grows back!

The details:

  • These sets are printable only (for right now.)
  • There are five passages- one of which is a paired passage. The pair is either informational and a poem, informational and a story, or two informational passages.
  • Each passage has questions and vocabulary.
  • I included a quiz and two posters.

So, what are teachers doing?

I have some friends that spend time planning and then putting together packets for students. Parents go to school once a week to pick up the packets for their children to complete at home. I have other friends that are meeting with students for a short time each day. They are having class meetings and short lessons using Zoom or something similar.

What exactly is Distance Learning?

For some of us, it means digital. For many of us, it means printable resources that students can complete independently.

I hope I have given you a few ideas. Try the STEM at Home post if you are thinking of tackling a STEM Challenge at home!
Quick Reads Passages- five reading passages with questions and a quiz. Use one a day for school morning work or send home for distance learning.
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