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Archives for April 2020

STEM at Home – Step By Step

Let's talk about STEM at Home! Can I just start by telling you how excited students are about this! Especially students that have been attending a STEM class weekly and love it. They are thrilled with hearing that they will be able to 'do STEM at Home'! "Ah," you say, "how does this work?" I know, I ... READ the POST

More Distance Learning Ideas

Can we talk about distance learning? What does it mean for you? For many of us, it means online lessons and assignments. Thank goodness for Boom Learning and digital resources! If you read my post last week I told you about STEM at Home. But, what about those classrooms and teachers that do not have ... READ the POST

Distance Learning and STEM- Will it Work?

Can we try STEM as a distance learning task? To be honest- I don't see why not! I know my students would love, love, love to be assigned a building task. I also know that sharing those in a ZOOM meeting with the whole class would be awesome. So, how do you choose the right STEM projects? Do ... READ the POST