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Archives for March 2020

Heartbreaking Books are the Best

I still remember the day I was reading Where the Red Fern Grows and near the end one of the dogs dies. I sobbed and then later at the end of that book, I cried again. One of my favorite picture books is called The Summer My Father was Ten. It is the story of neighbors in an apartment building ... READ the POST

5 Easy Ways to Learn Newton’s Laws

Can we talk? About Isaac Newton and his laws of motion? Oh my. This is such a tough subject in elementary school. First, students usually have very little knowledge of Newton. When you ask who he might be they immediately think of a famous football player named Cam Newton. (Mind you, we live in ... READ the POST

Are You Ready for the Famous Spoon Tower?

Just put those words on your daily agenda- Spoon Tower. I promise, kids will be intrigued as they wonder what on earth they are going to build! Now, I will tell you that the first time we tried this challenge we just built a tower. It had to have a spoon on the top. This was more challenging ... READ the POST