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Amazing Ways to Use Quotes Posters

As with most of my posts, there is a back-story. Always. The first set of posters I made for my classroom happened because I needed the set and could not find anything I liked. I was looking for a Scientific Method poster set and all I found were one-page posters listing everything. I wanted a poster with one step on each page. So, I made my own. Next, I needed a set for the Engineering Design Process. And, of course, I had to make my own set for that, too! More recently I branched out and started creating quotes posters. And, I love them!

Poster ideas for the elementary classroom. The posters include positive quotes, book quotes, teamwork quotes, and figurative language quotes. #elementary #teachersareterrific

With every set I create I try to think of ways to use the posters in my classroom! I also think of ways a regular classroom teacher could make use of these sets. I am including some tips with each of the featured sets! Enjoy!

If you are a book lover (like me) then you are going to love this fun and colorful poster set. This set celebrates reading and books with whimsical student clip art and coordinating backgrounds. This is a set of 20 posters.

Reading Quotes

These are the latest ones I created and I do think they turned out very well. I found quotes to celebrate all things reading! This should not be a surprise to y’all! I love to read. In fact, I have a Book Review blog post on the last day every month.

TIP: Set up a bulletin board display with 3-4 of these posters and change it every two to three weeks. Display some of your favorite books with the board and invite students to try the books.

I created this set with watercolor clipart (above) and then did almost the same set using cute kids as the decor on each poster.

TIP: Print the set in a miniature size. Set your printer to print 2 or 4 to a page. Award students one of the posters when they meet a reading goal.

This amazing poster set with gorgeous colors will decorate your classroom all year. Each poster features an encouraging and positive quote that will help motivate and affirm the students you teach.

3-Words Quotes Posters

I love making quote displays. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the quotes I share. I try to offer funny quotes, reading quotes, and just real-life quotes.

For these sets I made for classrooms I looked for quotes that would be inspirational.

Then I went one step further. What if the quote only uses three words?

TIP: Display one quote each week. Have students write in their Writer’s notebook or journal and describe what the quote means to them.

Another fabulous poster set with gorgeous colors that will decorate your classroom all year. Each poster features an encouraging and positive quote featuring a phrase beginning with the word 'always'.

Always Quotes

After creating the 3-word posters I had so many quotes I wanted to add, but I decided to try something a little different. I added the word ‘always’ to the beginning of each quote.

TIP: Display one of these posters each week and talk about it during your morning meeting. When I had a regular classroom we had a meeting every morning and I used that time for a mini-lesson or a motivational discussion. These posters would be great!

Do you love teaching writing? My favorite part is introducing figurative language techniques! Who doesn't love learning about idioms and hyperbole? Your students will love using these gorgeous posters showing the forms of figurative language they will use the most.

Figurative Language Posters

A little known fact about me: I love, love teaching writing. I had so many mini-lessons and activities for teaching writing and using a writer’s notebook. So, these posters were such fun to make. I love the way they turned out.

I made a watercolor set and then a cute kid set.

TIP: I would display these all together on a bulletin board and have them used as a reference for students as they are writing.

TIP: Another idea is to have students recreate the posters in their Writer’s Notebook. Display one and tell students to draw their own design for it!

If you are a book lover and have enjoyed the wizard series with three fabulous friends, this poster set is perfect for you! The quotes featured are all from book characters or the actors that portrayed a character. These are inspirational quotes and they are displayed with gorgeous watercolor backgrounds and graphics reflecting the book series.

Harry Potter Posters

This set includes motivational quotes from the book characters or about the books. I can still remember going to the book store at midnight to purchase each book as it was published and ready to sell. Our local store had trivia contests and games while we waited for midnight to arrive.

TIP: Print these in a smaller size and add them to picture frames to display on your bookshelves. I have one that sits on my shelf of the Harry Potter series.

This versatile poster set with gorgeous colors and amazing students' clip art will decorate your classroom all year. Each poster features an encouraging and positive quote that will help motivate and affirm the students you teach.

Positive Quotes

The original purpose of this set was for displays in my STEM Lab. I have bulletin boards that encourage teamwork and the positive quotes are perfect for that!

TIP: Talk about one poster each day as students arrive in your STEM classroom or use during your morning meeting in a regular classroom.

TIP: This set is bright and cheerful and would make great hallway displays for your school, too.

TIP: Have you ever set the printer settings to enlarge a poster. I tried this with the positive quotes. I printed posters so I would have to tape together four pages. This made the posters really large! I have a blog post about how to do this. The post includes photos of my Harry Potter frame and a teamwork bulletin board!

This versatile poster set with gorgeous colors and amazing students' clip art will decorate your classroom all year. Each poster features an encouraging and positive quote that will help motivate and affirm the students you teach.
This is a gorgeous set with 18 motivational posters- all with words of encouragement. These would be perfect as a bulletin board display in your classroom, an inspiring display in your faculty workroom, or framed and sitting on your own desk.

Encouraging Words

Here is a perfect set to place on a bulletin board to encourage students that just need a boost.

TIP: This set also has 18 posters and they are full-size and full color with gorgeous photos and watercolor images. I made a smaller square set with 6 to a page. Here is the idea- print those pages and cut out the little squares. You can give those little squares to students that need them or even share one with a colleague.These print in beautiful colors and I love that several of them have photos that I took myself. See if you can spot a sunset in Hawaii!

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I hope you found some great tips for using posters in your classroom! These are also available in bundles!

This fabulous bundle includes 4 sets of motivational quotes posters with beautiful watercolor images, watercolor clipart, watercolor backgrounds, and photographs. The four sets are all different- no quotes are repeated. You will love all of them.
This fun, whimsical poster bundle will help decorate your classroom with posters to encourage teamwork with your students. There are 2 sets included in this bundle with a total of 30 posters and a bulletin board letter set.

Yay! I have bundled some of my poster sets. The Quotes bundle includes four poster sets. The Teamwork bundle includes 2 poster sets! Click on the images to see the details and a video preview!