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Archives for June 2019

Life’s A Beach – Book Reviews

Life is a beach! Well, to be honest, I am not a beach person. I really do like the sand and do not get in the water at all. My family is much more likely to take a winter vacation than a summer one. But I do like beach books. I read one of these recently and then realized I had another in my ... READ the POST

What If You Only Have 12 Items?

Sometimes I invent the best things! No, I'm actually serious. Sometimes I have an idea for the STEM Lab and it just works. Beautifully!   Now, don't get me wrong. I also have moments where everything goes south and the project fizzles and we just laugh it off.   But, occasionally a moment of ... READ the POST

Can You Save the Egg? A Parachute Project

Well, let me just tell you how excited students were to see "Egg Drop" on our agenda board! In fact, we had Egg Week! I had third graders designing Egg Cars. Fourth graders were working on Egg Towers. Fifth graders were doing the ultimate Egg Drop from a 20-foot height. What a fabulous week ... READ the POST