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Archives for February 2019

The Windy Month of March

The longest month of the year is March.   I know many of you think it is January or May. But I think it's March.   For my school system, March is the month of Spring Break, which is typically the third week of March. Those first two weeks last forever. Then you have a week-long break.   ... READ the POST

The Best STEM Tower Ever!

Without a doubt, this little challenge is one of the best ever! It's super simple and amazingly complex.   I know, oxymoron, right? Let me explain!   The simplicity is for you since the challenge uses one material. The complexity is for the students because this challenge is not easy for them. ... READ the POST

Just How Much Popcorn Do You have?

If you have students that struggle with understanding volume - this is the challenge for you! Especially with my third graders, it is so hard to help them visualize the meaning of volume.  One thing I have tried is to tell them to think about placing a fence around the outer edge of the ... READ the POST