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Archives for January 2019

5 Books Destined to be Favorites!

I love a good page-turning book. Oh, you know what I mean! It's those books we cannot put down, we stay awake til the wee hours of the morning, and finish it sadly because it was so good. We don't want it to end! The selections this month were page-turners for me. One I gave up on but came back ... READ the POST

STEM Resources with Lots of Heart!

Have you ever had a contest with your students to create a Valentine Card Box? You know, on Valentine's Day they bring in a decorated box for other students to stuff full of cards and candy. And you turn it into a contest to find the best one! This is fun as the teacher, but I always hated it ... READ the POST

Amazing Airplanes for the Win!

One spring day my principal announced we would be having a STEM lab the following year. I never even thought twice about this! I applied for the job and two months later I was cleaning out our lab and getting ready for school to begin.   What an exciting adventure was ahead of me!   But, I had ... READ the POST