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Archives for February 2018

Are You Choosing to be a Reader?

Some months when I read a set of books I will see a common theme. I don't usually plan for that to happen. This month was one of those months. A theme developed accidentally. See if you can decide what it is ( and I will tell you later)! In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon ... READ the POST

How to Create a Foosball Frenzy in STEM

I still remember playing foosball when I was a teenager. We lived overseas, in Germany. I was an Army kid! Yep, grew up in Germany where we lived on an Army base, went to American schools, and all of us were from the states. I could write a whole blog post on what it meant to grow up in ... READ the POST

Bulletin Board Bonanza!

If you join me here very often you know I love three things- STEM, Reading, and... BULLETIN BOARDS! That's right. I love creating bulletin board displays. Here are some of my latest creations! Those little square boards are just too much fun! Now, before we get too far into the story ... READ the POST

Fun Ways to Celebrate Winter Sports

About two weeks ago a group of fifth-graders asked me when we would be doing another Escape Room. They actually cheered when I told them I was working on a new one. This one was actually inspired by a family trip to Crested Butte during Christmas break. I started thinking about a STEM challenge ... READ the POST