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Archives for October 2016

Reading Forces You to be Quiet

Do you ever read a book that makes you sit very still and turn the pages- hoping that it all turns out all right? I think about this like I am watching a movie and covering my eyes so I don't see the surprise coming. But you just keep turning that page..... You are going to love the selection in ... READ the POST

Let’s Build the Best Playground Ever!

So some of you know that I was asked to add first and second graders to my STEM lab rotations.  Y'all I know nothing about those age groups so I have relied on friends to get me going. My daughter also encourages me since she taught first grade a year or so ago. First graders are just full of ... READ the POST

What You Should Know about Balloon Rockets

So, I had this brain pop one day about blasting off with something in the lab! I mean, kids always predict something will explode or blast off so I figured we should try something. Years ago I tried balloon rocket ships that ran along a string, but we made the string horizontal. What would ... READ the POST