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A Few Secrets About TpT You Need to Know

Welcome STEM Friends and Science Friends and TpT Friends!
Some of you know that I have a little Teachers Pay Teachers store and let me just tell you- it’s quite an adventure. I started my store in 2013 and I have learned so much! Hopefully today I can let you in on a few secrets about TpT and help you with your shopping!
If you are a Teachers Pay Teachers shopper this blog post has some secrets to share!
Now, let me also tell you that I don’t know everything about TpT and you may be able to add to this conversation with your own experiences. Want to hear the biggest boo-boo  I ever made as a buyer?

When I made my first purchase I waited patiently for my file to arrive.

I waited for 30 minutes and still didn’t have my stuff. I decided the whole site must be a scam… so I went back to the store and did some checking and discovered:

I was waiting on an email……

Anyway here are some secrets….

Teachers Pay Teachers shoppers- did you know this? Sellers cannot access your contact info! Check this blog post for more secrets!
This comes as a surprise to some folks. Sellers are not privy to your personal contact information. So, just know that when you leave a feedback or a question and ask sellers to email you…..We can’t! I recently was asked to email a file to a buyer and she didn’t know I could not do this and I realized that probably a lot of buyers don’t know. 
So, what do you do, as a buyer, when you need to be contacted?
  • First, check the file you purchased. A lot of sellers put contact information on their Terms of Use page. 
  • If that cannot be located, then leave a question on the seller’s homepage or the product page.
  • However, remember that the seller will need your email address in order to contact you! I usually just leave my email and ask the buyer to send me a message!

Ask a Question Before Leaving Feedback!

Teachers Pay Teachers shoppers- before you leave feedback try the Question asking feature. Check this blog post for more!
The graded paper above is rather startling, isn’t it? Wow. Anyway, what do you do if you find a mistake in a product that you have purchased? 
Let me tell you what sellers would love to see:
Email us at the address in the product. Or leave a question on our main store page. Just let us know you found a typo or incorrect information and where it might be in the file.  If I get a message like that I fix it as soon as possible and re-upload the file.
Teachers pay Teacher shoppers- did you know you can use the "Ask a Question" feature to find out more about a product, request something specific, or alert the seller to a problem? Check this blog post for more!
Look at my example and you can see the ‘Ask a Question’ tab on my store’s main page. When I am asked a question I answer quickly and take care of the concern that is brought to my attention. After I have responded, the buyer that posted the question will receive an email from TpT, not me, saying the question has been answered. Return to the page and check it out!

Do You Know You are Rewarded for Leaving Feedback?

Teachers Pay Teachers shoppers! Be sure you grab those credits after you make a purchase! Check this blog post for more secrets!
You probably already know this! But, just in case you don’t….
Whenever you leave feedback you earn points based on the cost of the product. When you accumulate enough points these can be used to discount new items you are purchasing!
If you need to do this right now, just go to your account and click on the drop-down menu at the top listed as ‘My TpT’. Then scroll to ‘My Purchases’. At that page, you will find all the items you have purchased and you can arrange them according to which ones need feedback.
But, before you do read my next secret!

Helpful Feedback is Soooooo Appreciated!

Teachers pay Teachers shoppers- Meaningful feedback is helpful to the seller and to future buyers! Check this blog post for more!
Feedback can be a very helpful thing for sellers. If I receive detailed feedback that tells me the best parts of a product and how it was used or includes notes to future buyers, this lets me know I am on the right track. 
Even when the feedback is not so great (like the last one on the above image) I can still determine what I need to do! For that last one, I immediately went to that file and added an answer key and re-uploaded it quickly. That buyer was right and I was grateful to her.
Here’s one more tiny secret…..
when feedback looks like this:
I really don’t have a clue what this means. Was it okay? good? great? Details inform not only the seller but also future buyers. 

Check Those Previews!

Teachers Pay Teachers shoppers: Be sure your read those product descriptions and check the previews! This gives you a chance to make great buying decisions! Check this blog post for more!
A lot of sellers work really hard to make product descriptions and previews that will let you know exactly what you are buying. If a product doesn’t have these, then be wary of the purchase. I mean, think about it, if you buy a new car you look at it first, right?
So, look at your potential purchase the same way! Use the product description and read about the product first. Then try the preview. If you still don’t understand what you are getting, ask a question before you purchase it! 
So, there you are- a few secrets about TpT that may help you as a buyer. Happy shopping!


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