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Archives for September 2016

4 Great Pumpkin Ideas and Some Coffee

So, I started a seasonal series of STEM challenges a few months back and we are having such a fun time! We've made snowflakes, Valentine ziplines, wind-powered boats, seed dispersal models, Ferris wheels, and so much more. It seemed only natural to leap into October with some pumpkin ... READ the POST

A Few Secrets About TpT You Need to Know

Welcome STEM Friends and Science Friends and TpT Friends! Some of you know that I have a little Teachers Pay Teachers store and let me just tell you- it's quite an adventure. I started my store in 2013 and I have learned so much! Hopefully today I can let you in on a few secrets about TpT and ... READ the POST

Got Pencils? I have Challenges!

Are you ready for this? Brace yourselves! What would you do with ten tons of pencils you don't need? We built stuff. Don't worry- the pencils were not wasted! It's the great Pencil Challenge extravaganza! Okay, full disclosure here! I am a teacher. Why wouldn't I need pencils? So, ... READ the POST