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Currently! It’s April!

Currently, it’s almost spring everywhere!
Here, in Alabama, the Bradford pears are in full bloom and the dogwoods are just getting started.
We had a cold snap last week and I thought the dogwoods wouldn’t bloom in time for Easter, but they did! (They always do!)
What are you doing for spring in your classroom?
Let’s just check in with Currently ( thanks, Farley)and some things I can share with you that I am Currently doing!


What do you listen to as you drive to work every day? I have been listening to podcasts and also Book 3 of the Outlander Series. What’s your favorite podcast?
I love anything from the TED Radio Hour or Radio Lab and of course Serial!
Here’s a couple I listened to recently that were very interesting:
Champions- which includes a talk by Diana Nyad and tells about her attempts to swim from Cuba to the USA. Click {HERE}
Louie Anderson- This one was funny, like laugh out loud funny, but also very poignant as Louis Anderson tells about his upbringing- which includes that fact that he had 10 siblings. Listen to it {HERE}.


I had a Brain Pop the other day and invented a new format for STEM challenges. We tried one this past week and it was so much fun!
STEM Challenge: Students earn their materials by completing a set of math problems. Get the answer correct and you get more items!
Here’s the deal: Kids have to complete a math problem-solving set of task cards first. There are 8 problems. They fill out an answer sheet with their multiple choice answers. Then they collect their materials based on their answers! Ha! Correct answers earn more materials. Incorrect ones earn less.
Then they build something! This week it was towers!
This will be available at my store soon and we loved it so much I am going to try some different structures using the math problems again!


STEM Challenges: The top thee questions asked all the time and my answers!
I am always thinking about sharing ideas with my readers. So, I have a blog post on STEM Activities for Kids today that you need to go read. It’s the top three questions I am asked all the time about STEM. This includes:
1. What happens if you see a group that is not going to be successful? What do you do?
2. Doesn’t it take a lot of planning for STEM?
3. Aren’t the materials costly?
You should go check this out! Click on the image above! (or HERE)


I also love to share books with y’all! I read all the time. Everyday. I always have.
So, here’s the latest absolutely fabulous recommendation for you!
This book was mesmerizing. The main character is blind and, trust me, you feel blind too as you read the descriptions. The setting is World War II France and Marie-Laure's father has something that others want. After her father is taken prisoner, Marie-Laure has the object and is alone in her house when a German soldier comes. She hides.
This book was mesmerizing. The main character is blind and, trust me, you feel blind too as you read the descriptions. The setting is World War II France and Marie-Laure’s father has something that others want. After her father is taken to prison, Marie-Laure has the object and is alone in her house when a German soldier comes looking for it. She hides. Remember, she is blind.

Silently, says the voice of her father. Make no noise. With one hand, she finds the handle rigged into the false panel on the back of the wardrobe. She glides it shut, one centimeter at a time, until she hears it click into place, then takes a breath, and holds it for as long as she can.”

Oh. My. Goodness.
Read this book!


Here’s another thing I need to share with you. So, I read multiple times about an app called  A Color Story.  I added it to my phone….and the rest, as they say, is history.
Take a look at this photo:
Dogwoods blooming in March 2016. Beautiful!
I snapped this right outside my house. It’s a dogwood tree that decided to bloom the other day. It’s a great photo, but a little dark. So I went to the app and added a little something to it.
Dogwoods blooming in March 2016. Beautiful! Added a little light with a  phone app called A Color Story!
Hmmm.. what do you think?
Okay, look at this one:
Fabulous photo of kids playing in puddles!
Aren’t kids funny? But, this picture needs a little something, too! So, I went back to the app and added a little touch of light:
Fabulous photo of kids playing in puddles! I added a little light with a photo app called A Color Story!
I love this one!
So, try that little app! It has some great free features or you can add more for small amounts of money!


Holy, moly, well played Farley! I just kept thinking…what is that font?
I actually created my first products for TpT exclusively in Comic Sans. I loved that font—– until I found out it is hated by everyone- except apparently me!
My new fave is KG’s Sorry Not Sorry.
But I am sorry about loving Comic Sans….
Have a great April!


  1. vphadilok says

    I love the way you set up your post into catagories. I think it's a fun way to organise your thoughts. It is currently autumn in Australia but it's still nice and warm. I'm a substitute teacher so I don't have my own class but if I did, I would do some sort of leaf art for autumn. When it comes to the radio, I just listen to the top 40. I didn't know that TED had a podcast. I think it's great since I like listening to TED talks. I like the premise of All the Light we cannot see. It sounds intriguing.

  2. Jayme says

    Hi Carol! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I haven't started using STEM in my classroom but I would really like to try it. I'm looking forward to reading your post about it and learning more. I'm going to go and download that app for my phone, it looks great! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  3. Positively Learning says

    I need to get that app! I'd love to hear which podcasts you enjoy. KG's primary penmanship 2 is my fave for my little first graders! Have a great weekend, Jen

  4. Raye says

    I love Comic Sans too, so it is not hated by everyone 😉 I love to read too. I have a huge stack of spring break reading and not one of them is a guilty pleasure read…they are all brain research or learning of some kind, but I LOVE those kind of books. I do read for pleasure in bed at night too. Boggles my mind that my students are such non-readers. My parents used to ground me from reading when I was a kid because it was the only thing I cared about lol

  5. julie allen says

    Hi Carol! You got me addicted to Podcasts with your Currently March post. They have been amazing for my drive to work. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant so my running as been no more for awhile now. However, I have found that listening to podcasts on my walks is awesome as well.
    This is my first year teaching a STEAM class ( I am part of the specials rotations) to all 4th and 5th graders. Your blog has been my life saver.

    Thank you so much for always sharing your wonderful ideas.

  6. Carol Davis says

    Awesome Julie! I never thought I would love podcasts, but I do like listening to something that is resolved quickly! Your job sounds very similar to mine! I am so glad my blog is helping you! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Unknown says

    HI! LOVE LOVE LOVE color story app! It is like a mini photoshop for my phone photos!
    I actually create things for my class in comic sans as my district is very anti-TPT creators (they are fine with me spending all my money on it!) and I make very boring things with Comic Sans for my kids, then make it pretty for everyone else! LOL.

    Hope you have a great day!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  8. Carol Davis says

    Hi Jameson! Thanks for visiting! I truly wonder who decided that Comic Sans is such a big no-no! I find it cute without being distracting- like those letters that have bubbles on the points! Oh Well, Have a great April!

  9. ithappenedin3rd says

    All the Light We Cannot See is part of my book challenge this year…can't wait to read it!