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5 Easy STEM Challenges Not to Be Missed!

If this is your first foray into STEM you are in for a treat. These challenges are easy to set up, great fun, and oh-so-loved! These are sure-fire winners- not to be missed!
These 5 challenges are
  • all just loads of fun 
  • have easy materials and easy prep
  • great for lots of age groups 
  • fabulous for spring and summer (and well, really, anytime!)

 Try these soon!

The Popcorn Challenge

STEM Challenge! This one is a fabulous reminder for what volume is! Kids build a container for a specific amount of popcorn and then test it! There may even be some popcorn to eat!
Oh. My. Goodness! I love this one. Kids build a container for a specific amount of popcorn. I have written about this one several times because it’s one of my favorites! You can use a little picture book about popcorn with it or just do the challenge!
One page of the book tells about popcorn being found in a cave and that’s the part I share with students:
It’s all about the kids’ perception of volume and, let me just tell you, their idea of the volume of a container and what they actually need is vastly DIFFERENT! It’s a great lesson!
Read more about the POPCORN challenge {HERE}.
If you have never seen the popcorn book here it is:
For your convenience, the book is linked to Amazon using my affiliate link- which provides me with a small compensation in exchange or your purchase!

The Bubble Challenge

STEM Challenge: You can't go wrong with this one! The challenge first explores giant bubbles and then the kids use materials you supply to build a bubble wand! Great for spring weather!

This is a fantastic challenge for spring and summer. You can do a lot of the challenge outdoors if your weather is cooperating. I always complete it indoors! First, kids explore with bubble solution and then they use an array of materials to build their own bubble wand! Kids love this one! It’s perfect for younger kids!
Read more about the BUBBLE Challenge {HERE}.

It’s all about that egg!

STEM Challenge: A great and challenging tower that uses two materials! You can test them with real eggs, too!
You will love this challenge! It uses two materials! Seriously- just TWO! It has absolutely zero prep. Just lay the stuff out and get going. I use plastic eggs filled with pennies and if the kids have a successful tower we replace the plastic egg with a real one. Oops, that makes it have three materials cause you need eggs, too! Anyway, it is quite challenging and then has the added bonus of cracking some eggs! Which by the way, kids love to do!
Read more about the EGG TOWER Challenge {HERE}.

A real-life challenge!

STEM Challenge: THis is a rescue challenge that has kids creating a cargo container that will save the cargo that is being dropped! They love dropping their containers!
This is a rescue challenge with a great background story. Kids have to build a container to drop cargo from varying heights. The cargo is fragile and cannot move at all. It is quite challenging but is worth the time. I would do this with 4th-6th graders! My fourth graders loved it, especially the testing part!
Read more about CARGO DROPS {HERE}.

Easiest prep ever!

STEM Challenge: This one use two materials and really makes kids learn about perseverance and wise use of materials! It would make a perfect challenge for an afternoon as summer gets nearer!
This one is super simple and really does have two materials. Kids try to build a tower out of something that is very flimsy, so they have to devise ways to make it more sturdy. The towers can get amazingly tall! I have used this with third graders, but I know my older students would love it too. It would be perfect for a rainy afternoon!
Read more about FOIL TOWERS {HERE}.
Alright STEM Friends! This concludes my mini-series on STEM challenges for you to tackle. This post was all about easy prep and easy materials.
Here are links to the other two posts:

So, what are you waiting for? Get busy trying one of these challenges- today!

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  1. ithappenedin3rd says

    My kids love bubbles! Even though I don't teach science or math, sometimes I find great ideas for teamwork-building activities with your STEM lessons!

  2. Unknown says

    Thank you for sharing the great STEM activities! Perfect for the end of the year.
    iTeach 2nd

  3. Carol Davis says

    So many to choose from for the end of the year! Solar Ovens would be a great choice! Thanks for visiting!