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What Have you Been up to Lately?

The shortest month and the hardest to pronounce
and spell…..
It’s Currently time again and let’s say hello to Farley! By the way, Have you seen Farley’s blog re-design! Gorgeous!
This will be my 38th edition of this monthly blog post! Wow, Farley, I should get some kind of award!
Anyway, here we go!

LISTENING to pod casts! This has become my new obsession. How do you find podcasts if you listen to them? And what are your favorites?
Here’s my list of favs right now!
Favorite podcasts lately! Here's a list of podcasts and specific names that are worth listening to. SOme are laugh out loud funny and others are just interesting and thoughtful.
  • Of course, there is Serial! I loved the first season and I am finding the second season to be interesting, but not nearly as mesmerizing as the first. And now you must try the third in the Serial series called S-Town!
  • TED Radio Hour- You should listen to Unstoppable Learning– it’s quite funny and so interesting. Also, Adaptations was really good. 
  • This American Life- Try How to Win Friends.
  • Death, Sex, and Money- Try Brooke Shields  and Living Alone, One Year Later, and Stop Calling Me the Homeless Valedictorian.

I listen to podcasts driving to school everyday and then coming home. I once listened to country radio, but now our local station plays Luke Bryan non-stop……can’t do it.

LOVING Sir Isaac Newton.

Yep, that’s right! We have been tackling Newton’s Laws of Motion head on! All three grade levels are in the middle of the best STEM challenges ever and all of them are proving and helping us understand the laws of motion. Y’all a THIRD GRADER came up with the best idea for demonstrating the third law of motion using Hot Wheels track!
STEM Challenge featuring Newton's Laws of Motion! Students build models of cars that are propelled forward on a straight track! Which Law of Motion is this?
This photo is showing something my fourth graders are making. Third graders are also making cars and fifth graders are making Newton’s Cradles! You can read more about these on blog posts:

THINKING About Valentine’s Day!

STEM Challenges: Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Here are three fabulous challenges to get through this exciting holiday!

When I had a regular third grade class this one day of the year was, like, our second favorite. Birthdays are the first favorite, duh…

The next best thing to birthdays was always Valentine’s Day. You had to make that decorated box (or your mom had to….just sayin’) and bring that to school to collect all your Valentine Cards. It always cracked me up to watch the kids actually opening all those tiny white envelopes and reading what the cards said. Cause, mostly I think kids randomly write names on those cards and don’t pay attention to what they say.
Anyway, now that I have no regular class Valentine’s day is a bust…. until I came up some fabulous STEM challenges. You can read a blog post about these Valentine’s Day Challenges right {HERE}.

WANTING Vintage Currently Images…

Just take a look at this:
Currently: Here are some cover images of old posts to the weekly link up called Currently!
That just made me laugh when I looked back through some old images of my Currently posts. Here’s what I noticed – I am always wanting – a new purse or a housekeeper. Those seem to be repeated the most….sadly I don’t have a housekeeper and I am still looking for the perfect handbag!

Do you save your Currently images? Better question— why do I still have them from 2013?


Let’s Talk about Pinterest?
Using Pinterest: How do you choose your pins? Do you follow boards? What catches your eye while you are scrolling through your Pinterest feed? What's your favorite pin ever? This Currently blog post asks a few more questions to get you thinking!

I have been totally overhauling some of my Pinterest boards and trying to make them have a cohesive, interesting look, and wondered if this is ever something you think about. Do you only look at single pins in your main feed? Or do you actually follow boards of other people and scroll through those boards? If you belong to a collaborative board, do you ever visit it or do you just pin to it? Do you like the phone app for Pinterest? I don’t, by the way! It has reordered my boards and I can’t find anything! Do you use Secret Boards? Here’s my favorite secret board: It’s called “Read It Later”! I pin things to it that I don’t have time to look at and after I read it I can pin it to the right place or delete it!

Anyway, here’s my Pinterest Board that features this little blog of mine! You should follow it and then you will never miss anything!


What have you read lately? Here’s my last three and they were all wonderful!

I love to read. I cannot imagine a day without a book in my hand. I was this way as a first grader and I hope to be this way when I am 93. (Books are linked for you using my Amazon affiliate link).

Have a great February!


  1. Preschool Ponderings says

    I love love love your "vintage" Currently posts, and I'm right there with you when it comes to always wanting a new handbag! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Positively Learning says

    Wow, you've been busy and now I'm inspired to go back to some of my old pins and posts. Your blog design is amazing! Fun read, Jen 🙂

  3. The Colorado Classroom says

    I love reading your blog posts. You are so good at writing. I do save my old Currently's but I've only been at it for a year. You do deserve a medal or something. I hate the phone app of Pinterest too, but it's what I happen to use most often just for times sake. Thanks for sharing once again.

  4. Carol Davis says

    Hi Brittany! Thank you for your kind words! What I write just comes straight out of my head and you get whatever is in there at the time! Sometimes it's funny! I may try to leave some feedback somewhere for Pinterest about the phone app! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Carol Davis says

    Hi Erin! Thanks for stopping by! I can never find the perfect handbag! I guess that is why I look so much! Have a great February!

  6. Amy says

    Thank you so much for the Podcast recommendations! I love listening to podcasts. I agree with you about Season 2 of Serial, but I am still tuned in and caught up in the story. StoryCorps is still one of my go-to for podcasts. I am excited to have some new ideas from you.

  7. Not JANE says

    I always have to stop myself from writing that I want a housekeeper! I am seriously still needing a maid to come whip this place into shape. I want to read ALL of those books, and I can't wait to check out Stop Calling Me the Homeless Valedictorian. lol

  8. Carol Davis says

    Great Amy and I will check out Story Corps! I am really torn about Serial right now- I want to feel sorry for the guy, but I just don't know! Thanks for visiting!

  9. karen @ Smarticle Particles says

    One of these days I'm gonna win the lotto and hire a housekeeper! I finally quit worrying about my purse and started carrying a backpack. Now I want…a new backpack! Love your blog!!

  10. ithappenedin3rd says

    Fates and Furies is on my to-read list…I'm like you, if I don't have a book in my hand, something is wrong!