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5 Super Simple and Delicious Recipes for Busy Teachers

If you come here to visit my blog often you know my normal focus is all about Science and STEM.
Well, today, not so much!
Today is all about food and cooking and how busy teachers are and how when you get home after school and had one of those days…….the last thing you want to do is a cook. Right?
Okay, here’s the story. We used to eat out. Like a lot. Maybe even every single day. Then that got really old and then we started cooking. Here’s what I discovered. If you have some really good recipes, and a crock pot, supper is pretty easy and, truth be told, it becomes a habit to cook. And you can cook in your pajamas. Can’t go out to eat in your pj’s.
So, I am going to share some tried and true, super easy, seriously simple recipes you just might want to try.
Easy Chicken and crockpot recipes! You will find several great recipes with simple ingredients and quick prep on this post! Great for busy teachers!
I didn’t invent these, but I have changed some things about them. Like one of them has rosemary as an ingredient and I have no idea what that even is so I left it out.
I also tend to do the easy way sometimes. Like I don’t make cornbread. I use a Jiffy Mix. It’s less than a dollar and tastes pretty delicious when you drown it in butter.
Okay, are you ready? Here are the Super Simple Recipes for Busy Teachers!

Crock Pot Chili

Crockpot Chili: I make this with chicken, but you can also try ground beef! It's so good! Make it as spicy as you can stand it and serve with corn bread muffins! This post includes several fabulous recipes!
We have this even in the summer time. Occasionally I forget to get the non-hot chili seasoning envelope and it will be so spicy our noses run. If that happens to you just crumble up your cornbread muffin and stir it into your chili bowl.  And, have plenty of cold water close by.

Lemon Shrimp with Parmesan Rice

Easy Recipe: Lemon Shrimp with Parmesan Rice: I promise this is an easy recipe and so delicious! You will love it! The post includes several easy recipes for busy people!
Now, let me just tell you how scary that photo is. Looks fancy, right? I promise, cross my heart, this was extremely easy. Add more cheese than the recipe says and maybe, even more, chicken broth and then you will have this nice sauce. Maybe throw some broccoli in there, too!

Fiesta Corn Chowder

Easy Crockpot Recipe: It's Fiesta Corn Chowder! My faculty loves this soup! I make it in a crockpot and let it cook all morning and then serve it at lunch time! Good and spicy!
Yes, that is corn soup. Call it chowder, though, and people will think you are a chef. Seriously, you open some cans and pour it all in a pan, and you have soup. And it’s really good. Very versatile- I even gave you some options for serving right there on the recipe. Let me just tell, I took this to school once and cooked it in my classroom all morning and then took it for our lunch time teacher feast. One of the teachers liked it so much she went and scouted out a Tupperware bowl from someone and took what was left in the pot home for her supper. You could also add some bacon to it and it would be a killer soup!

Tex-Mex Lasagna

Easy Recipe: It's Tex-Mex Lasagna! Don't be fooled by the word lasagna in the title! This is a really easy to put together dinner. It's also quite tasty! Several more easy recipes on this blog post!
Yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking. When you see the word LASAGNA you cringe. Cause most lasagna is just a pain to make. This one is NOT. I promise. The hardest part was stirring the meat and beans together. After that, you just spread it all in a pan and cook it forever. This would be another great dish to take to a family reunion or teacher feast.
(My faculty feasts a lot. One time we had a feast that was just all salads. Another time we just had all desserts. We don’t do Whole 30 at my school.)

 Tuscan T-Bones

Easy Grilling Recipe: It's Tuscan T-Bones! My hubs' favorite meal! This is a grilled steak using a gas grill, but you can try a charcoal grill. Throw some potatoes in to bake when you get home and this steak is ready in less than ten minutes! More easy and quick recipes on this blog post!
Okay, I threw this one in just for your husbands. I don’t eat steak. I really don’t like steak meat at all. That’s why we have chicken and Mexican all the time. But this is my husband’s all-time favorite. He loves seeing Tuscan T-bones on the menu. It’s really easy to prepare. You just have to have a gas grill. Throw some potatoes in to bake when you get home from school. Even better buy those pre-wrapped potatoes and cook them in the microwave. Get a pre-packaged already made salad and toss a chopped up tomato in it and it will look like you have slaved in the kitchen for a day or two.
When I make this steak for my family I eat a pop tart for supper.
Nothing wrong with pop tarts for supper. I mean, I am already cooking in my pajamas…..right?


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    Looks delicious! Thank you!! Can't wait to check out your STEM posts too! Trying to do more with my kinders!! I need inspiration!