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5 Ways to Decorate for Science!

Decorating your classroom at the beginning of the year (or any time) is a challenge. Let me help with these ideas!

There’s always so much to do at the beginning of the school year. For me, this was really brought home when I started a new job with a science lab as my classroom.

An empty, undecorated, bare-walled lab. So, let me help you with some excellent ideas and tips for decorating your walls for science!

Bulletin Boards and More! Fabulous ways to add some science decor to your classroom! Includes poster ideas and board ideas!

You need some large bulletin boards!

Of course, you might want to have a couple of really nice bulletin boards to display some science stuff. The story behind the bulletin board pictured above is on my blog already.

Links are at the bottom of the post! This is actually my favorite board ever!

But, what if your boards are covered with other stuff and you still need to show some science-related things? Hmmmmm….here’s some of the ways I do this!

The Scientific Method

I discovered in the last few years that students really don’t know a lot about the scientific method at the elementary age, so I set out to make this part of their vocabulary.

I hope I am also teaching them a few things about variables and controls and making science-based hypotheses!  

I have a poster set that we refer to all the time!  

The set includes a title poster and a flow chart of the steps!   It also includes a poster for each step written in kid-friendly language!

elementary science class scientific method poster set

I have these taped to a column that juts out in my classroom. It’s actually the downspout from the roof of the lab to the ground (covered with concrete blocks)!

I can stand right under those posters and have kids look at the step of the scientific method that we are discussing! We use these all the time!

Kinds of Scientists

This is my second favorite bulletin board. I love that it is so simple. The middle word was just one I projected from my computer in a silly font (recognize Jokerman, anyone) and then I cut out the letters.

Kinds of Scientists

Kinds of science and scientists posters

Look at the photo above. On the wall above the board are posters of Little Scientists.

These are some I made a really long time ago in an effort to help students see that scientists come in many varieties and they can be one, too!

Science can be extremely specialized. Who knew there could be a scientist who only studies reptiles?

This set makes a great display for blank wall space!

Lab Safety Rules

By the time I invented the posters you can see in this photo I had NO MORE wall space.

So I started hanging things over the windows of some of my cabinets. This serves a dual purpose! HA! It also blocks the messes inside the cabinets.

Those posters are the STEM Lab Rules. We refer to these every single day- especially –

“Leave your personal belongings outside the lab!” 

The safety rule set with cactus decor is very popular. I love the soothing colors of this one!

science lab safety rules elementary


posters to display the steps of the Engineering design process

I also have cabinet doors displaying posters of the Engineering Design Process.

This was the very first poster set I made. I needed this when I started as the STEM lab teacher and just could not find a set I liked anywhere.

Most of the resources I found had all the steps of the process on one piece of paper. So, I made my own.

Kinds of Engineers

Another set of posters!

These are a set of Kinds of Engineers. Each poster shows a kind of engineer and the words tell about that person’s job.

These are so fun to look at because kids get a sense of what jobs involve engineering and they come away knowing they can be one!

They are usually amazed that there are so many! Which one are you?

posters showing 20 different kinds of engineers or fields of engineering

And there is more!

If you are counting you know there are more than 5 ways to decorate included in this post! I have many sets of posters available in so many color themes. I probably have something that will match your classroom.

I started off with only science or STEM posters. I have added new sets of posters to my resources.

I love all the posters that deal specifically with Science and STEM. I also love the motivational quotes posters. These are all just gorgeous!

quptes posters in three words
STEM and science posters to be motivating
quotes posters with encouraging words and photos
posters encouraging teamwork for elementary classrooms
always quotes posters elementary
kids reading quotes posters

Aren’t they beautiful! All are linked for you- just click on the images to see the details about each set.

So many ideas and posters from which to choose. Decorate those science and STEM displays and keep students engaged in their learning!


In this post, for your convenience, you may find Amazon Affiliate links to resources. This means that Amazon will pass on small percentages to me with your purchase of items. This will not create extra costs for you at all! It will help me keep this blog running!

decorate science class elementary

Bulletin Board Must-Haves!


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