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Five for Friday-Things I Learned in Texas

Hello y’all!
Fall Break was earlier this week! We were off on Monday and Tuesday and I also took last Friday off so that made a great long weekend!
Perfect for tackling our Bucket List!
This trip took care of “Going to Texas”!
I know this blog is an Education blog so I decided to share some things I learned! And what better way than a link up with Kacey and Five for Friday!

So, here you go:

First up is our visit to The Sixth Street Museum which is the location of the Texas Book Depository and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In the photo above the arrow is pointing to the window where Lee Harvey Oswald was standing when he shot Kennedy.

At the museum you are given an audio box and earphones and then guide yourself through displays of photos and artifacts. The story is quite compelling as it leads you through the Kennedy’s entire day.  They were campaigning and hitting many cities. When they reached Dallas the plan was to ride in a parade through downtown and Kennedy decided to forgo the protective top on his car. You know the rest of the story, but here is what I learned. The parade route had to make a right turn and then almost a U-turn right in front of the book depository. This made all the cars slow to be able to  turn. The hubs and I stood almost right at the window where Lee Harvey Oswald was standing with a rifle. It is incredibly close even though he was on the sixth floor. I always pictured this as being an impossible shot, but it wasn’t at all. Take at look at my photo below.

The yellow star is about where Kennedy’s car was with the building in the background. It is not that far! 

Overall, I would say this was one of our favorite museum visits. We both left with a new understanding of JFK’s death and the possible conspiracy!

Second thing we learned is just random facts about some really unusual animals.

We visited the Dallas World Aquarium. Spectacular place to see!

It is a large building that houses a great variety of birds, water animals,  monkeys, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and more! It is put together in an unusual way with twisting wooden paths you follow through several floors. It was extremely informative with little stops when you could check out more information about the animals being viewed by using a tablet. 

Here’s my favorite animals:

In the photo above you see Garden Eels. This is a snake-like animal that lives in a burrow. They secrete a special fluid that coats the burrow so that if they move straight up and down and almost out of the tunnel it does not collapse and then the eel can move right back down the tunnel. Once this eel builds its burrow it almost never leaves. To eat it just lowers itself into the sand and waits on food to float by. Then out it pops!

The animal above is a Lion fish. It is quite beautiful to watch, but the information about it said it is secretive and hides all day. At night they come out and hunt in packs. Very predatory! Very beautiful to watch!

The one above is a leafy sea dragon! He was also very pretty and very well camouflaged with its leaf-like fins. They float aimlessly and blend into the background. They live in the waters of Australia. I think I could float pretty aimlessly there myself!

Last are the flamingos. The silly things are gorgeous, but they sleep standing up – on ONE leg. Here’s  what I don’t understand: Their one support leg is TREMBLING! Visibly shaking. Why don’t they just use two legs???

So, here’s number three- the third thing I learned.
I already knew this, but it was so reinforced on this trip.
It’s this moment:

We were so lucky to be able to attend two sporting events in Dallas. Of course, the Cowboys, but also the Rangers! The Rangers played Game 3 of their division playoff and the Cowboys played the Patriots.

 But, no matter how awesome those games were, the moment I will remember in both are in the photos. When the National Anthem is sung and the crowd sings along, especially the soaring lyrics near the end, it is amazing. I always get goosebumps. It is a moment when every person in the crowd is on the same team- for a few minutes.

Here’s the fourth thing I learned:

Again, this is something I already knew, but still find it really amazing!
On our last morning in Texas we decided to just drive, with no destination in mind. We just wanted to see the Texas landscape. Imagine our surprise when we saw this sign:

I live in a little town called Decatur. But not in Texas…..

Well, by the time we saw this sign we were almost there and of course we had to stop!
We parked on the town square and walked around the county courthouse. Then we visited a quaint antique shop and since it was lunch time we asked the store owner for a local restaurant recommendation.
This is something I already knew, but maybe you will learn from this. If you are hungry and in a new town ask a local for the best place to eat.
The sweet lady told us to go to:

And it was the best food of our trip! If you ever get down to Decatur, Texas stop in and ask for their squash casserole. Divine!

And finally, let’s end this on a science note.
I totally marveled at the complexity of the Cowboys’ stadium. It is truly a magnificent structure and the feats of engineering that brought it about are stunning.
Take a look:

See the metal leg on the outside of the building.
Now look below:
That leg on the outside forms this arch on the inside and that is what is holding that building up!

In the photo above the arrow is pointing to several tracks. Those large windows are on each end of the stadium and when it is needed they slide open. There are six windows and they will open completely in 6 minutes by sliding on the tracks. We were told on our tour that both sides must be opened at the same time or the change in pressure will cause the unopened windows to break!

Alright, let’s talk about the jumbotron! Yikes, that TV screen is ELEVEN stories tall! ELEVEN! The TVs on each end of it are also massive and you can see inside them and see the separate floors that people can walk on if the sets need repairs- like replacing any of the 30 million light bulbs. The big TV weighs 1.2 million pounds. And if you are not yet astounded – the thing’s cost was $40 million.

And if you are still not convinced this stadium is massive take a look below at the 18 wheeler inside the stadium.

So, that is what I have learned (or re-learned) this week!
How about you?


  1. Unknown says

    You make me want to come visit Dallas when I visit home (FL)! If only I had time!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  2. Carol Davis says

    It was a really fun trip! We also discovered (too late) that Forth Worth has SO MANY things to do related to the Old West. We drove through Fort Worth, but did not have time to do anything! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Luv My Kinders says

    Wow, what a fantastic trip! We are totally Cowboys fans. How exciting to attend a game in that stadium! The aquarium looks great too. Those eels would creep me out a bit though. Lastly, I just LOVE your new blog design. Totally you!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Teaching Autism says

    I loved all your photos and descriptions, thanks for all the great tips, we visit Texas in April, i'm so excited to go! 🙂

    Teaching Autism

  5. Carol Davis says

    Our trip was really fun! Be sure you take a look at what Fort Worth has to offer. They have an entire section of their downtown devoted to the old west with so many things to do! Thanks ofr visiting!