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Currently October!

Happy Fall Everyone!
What are you Currently up to?
I have so many things going on that it is going to be hard to narrow it down to Farley’s topics this month!
Thank you so much Farley! (whom I met in Las Vegas- she is just gorgeous and so friendly and sweet to perfect strangers that walk up and hug her….) We love your monthly linky!

What am I LISTENING to?
Sam Hunt
Yeah, I know I am way too old for this style of music, but his country songs that are playing right now are catchy and the kind of tunes that will stick in your head all day….Go {HERE} for a video! 
What am I LOVING:
My fifth graders!
I teach three grade levels and my fifth graders are into their third year with me. They totally get STEM and they love it and they are SUPER engineers!
Look at what we have been doing lately:
STEM Challenge: Build a marble run! It's totally made from cardboard tissue rolls and tape. So easy to assemble and so much fun!

STEM Challenge: Build a marble run! It's totally made from cardboard tissue rolls and tape. So easy to assemble and so much fun!
How cool is this! We are using two very simple supplies and making the coolest marble runs! Can you see the green marble in the top photo?
If you want to read more about these Marble Runs, click {HERE}

What am I THINKING about?
After much consideration
the thought of retiring is gone from my little head.
I have a plan right now to coordinate the STEM lab with the fifth grade Next Generation Science Standards and our fifth grade science teacher.
He will teach the science and then the kids will extend this into the STEM Lab! It’s very exciting!
NGSS Posters! Are you ready to decorate your science space with the Next Generation Science Standards? Here's a great way to do that!
What am I WANTING?
Some one to pack for me.
The hubs and I are headed to Dallas for Fall Break.
Now, mind you, we have been to Dallas about 50 times, but never stepped outside the airport! So, one trip on our bucket list is to actually touch some Texas soil.
When I started looking for things to do in Dallas I saw an ad for the Cowboys and checked into tickets to a game.
Yep, we are going to see Dallas play the New England Patriots! Don’t even ask how much those tickets cost……
What am I NEEDING?
Just to share a recipe with you.
I shared a photo on my Instagram recently of a chicken stew that I threw in the crock pot one morning. Boy, was I surprised when I got home and supper was ready! Isn’t it fun to come in and realize you forgot the crock pot was cooking for you! Here’s the recipe:
Chicken Stew recipe fort he crockpot! Easy ingredients! Just throw them all in the crockpot before you head out to school and dinner is ready when you get home! Add some cornbread muffins and enjoy!

I promise it was super easy and really good! (You might want to add some cayenne pepper to give it a little kick!)
What makes me feel boo-tiful is just making a difference. Talking to kids about their thinking, their work, what they believe is amazing.
This week I had a kid that was trying to finish a Marble Run.

STEM Challenge: Build a marble run! It's totally made from cardboard tissue rolls and tape. So easy to assemble and so much fun!

When I went to snap this photo he turned to me and said, “This is an epic failure, so I don’t know why you are  taking a picture!”
The thing is… IT IS NOT A FAILURE.
It is not a failure because it does work.
He never gave up.
He worked the entire time and was TOTALLY and completely engaged in the process.
It’s not pretty. But it is not a FAILURE!
And I told him all that. We had a fabulous talk about what failure really is and this is not it!
Kid talk is

Have a great October y’all!
And if you need more easy, peasy and quick recipes for your busy teaching self try my Pinterest board! It’s called I’m Too Busy to Cook!


  1. Molly says

    Creating a marble run was one of the most memorable projects of my 5th grade year!! Enjoy your Spring Break and the football game…although I hope both of those teams lose ; ) {Redskins fan}

  2. Carol Davis says

    Some of our marble runs were really amazing! Some crashed! Still it was a really neat challenge! The football game will be a lot of fun because I really don't care who wins! I am not a pro football fan at all- it just sounded like something fun to do!

  3. Unknown says

    I love STEM activities. In the past couple of years I have been bringing in more and more STEM activities and my students love them. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  4. Amy says

    Yay on your decision not to retire. Everyone says, "You will know when you are ready to retire." I like that you have thought about it and decided to keep teaching. It sounds like you still have tons to offer your students. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Carol Davis says

    Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by! I do a Wednesday STEM blog post almost every week! Join me and see what we are up to!

  6. Carol Davis says

    Well, I thought I was ready to retire, but a few things have changed in the last two weeks and I am ready to tackle at least one more year! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Carol Davis says

    We are going to have a blast! We have never been to a pro game so that will be an adventure all by itself! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Miss Giraffe says

    I love marble runs!! It looks like you're an amazing teacher – congratulations on your decision not to retire! It's always nice to make a decision and feel good about it! I can still feel your passion in the way you write about your kiddos so I think it was a great decision! That stew looks delicious!