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Archives for October 2015

What’s Going on in the Lab? Catapults!

Welcome back to my Wednesday Updates! Most Wednesdays you can join me right here for a little blurb about what we have been up to lately! This week it's all about Catapults! This is one of the first STEM Challenges I ever tried and I pulled it out the other day and decided to add a little ... READ the POST

Geodesic Dome Time

Welcome back STEM Friends! It's all about these Geodesic Domes! Okay, let's start with some background. We saw a geodesic dome while on vacation in Texas and this inspired the challenge. Here's a typical geodesic dome. Pretty cool, right? So I started thinking of how we could build ... READ the POST

Currently October!

Happy Fall Everyone! What are you Currently up to? I have so many things going on that it is going to be hard to narrow it down to Farley's topics this month! Thank you so much Farley! (whom I met in Las Vegas- she is just gorgeous and so friendly and sweet to perfect strangers that walk up and ... READ the POST