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Mad About Science Bulletin Boards!

Let’s talk some truth about Bulletin Boards. We all have a love/hate relationship with them, right!
When they are cute as pie we are so proud, but it’s the getting it up there on the wall that drives us crazy. Anyway, last winter I made the one below- you might remember reading about it!
Science Bulletin Board! This post tells a way to re-purpose this amazing board. When I took this board down I saved all the pieces and re-used them in another amazing version. Read to see how!
That was done on a hallway bulletin board. Yeah, I know, those are the worst because everybody sees them and they have to be extra, extra cute. So, I blogged all about that one and you can go back and read that if you want to. {HERE} I mean, I included photos and some directions, so bookmark it and read it later.
I have now done the impossible!

I re-purposed that giant board!

You notice I used red letters to let you know this is exciting. It’s just what a teacher’s heart needs. 
Here’s the deal. In May I had to take down that big bulletin board, but I saved parts of it! Yep, carefully removed staples and found a place to store the lady and some of the other parts.
So, this week I decided to get her out and use it in my classroom. Now, it looks a little different….. but it is still pretty darn cute.
Here's part of an old bulletin board that was saved and used in a different way on a new display! Read more to see how this worked!
Above- you can see I recreated the lady scientist with her wild hair and the static shocker thing.
Crazy science lady with wild hair and a lizard on her shoulder! It's part of an old bulletin board that was re-done!

But I also added a lizard on her shoulder!
Adding the butterfly net was the perfect touch for this re-purposed bulletin board! Makes it 3-D, too!
And a butterfly net.
Now, I have no idea what that has to do with anything but there was an empty space in that corner that needed to be filled, so the net worked perfectly. I wrapped masking tape around the handle of the net and then stapled it several times. The net itself is stapled in place and the lady’s hand covers the tape. (The net came from the dollar store years ago!)
Of course, every science board needs a bubbling bottle of chemicals! Read more on this post about re-doing a bulletin board!

And I added this adorable little burlap beaker my daughter made for me. I used the bubbles from the original bulletin board to trail up the center of the board.

And then I added some more doodads:

Add a motivational poster set to your science bulletin board! These posters can double as your lab rules!
That’s a set of posters I made that use the letters SCIENCE to list some specific and motivational things for kids in class- like Safety is first.
Add some bunting to you science board for some texture and 3-D fun. Read more on this post!
The banner is made from cut-outs I bought in the party supplies at Target. Yeah, I could have made those, but they were already the perfect color on heavyweight paper with a pre-cut string. I just added the letters and stuck it up with push pins. It is a total accident that the diagonal lines on the banner match the posters almost exactly. 

Ta-da! All finished!

Science Bulletin Board! This post tells a way to re-purpose an amazing board. When I took the original board down I saved all the pieces and re-used them in this amazing new version. Read to see how!
And just so you can compare here they are together:
Science Bulletin Board! This post tells a way to re-purpose an amazing board. When I took the original board down I saved all the pieces and re-used them in this amazing new version. Read to see how!
And there is more! Check the image below for some boards you can easily recreate. Just click to see more!
Science Bulletin Board Templates! Includes four templates ready to go!


  1. Carol Davis says

    Aww, thanks! The original board took several days to make and put up, but the new one was much quicker. I plan to leave it up for along time- maybe all year! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Katie says

    Your bulletin board is amazing! I am so glad you did repurpose all that hard work! ๐Ÿ™‚ The stick bug is amazing! My tolerance for bugs is not very high, unless it is a cool one like that! Last year we had a snake in our hallway and some of the teachers caught it and researched it. I preferred it when it was a little more contained. We did release it later in the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Inquiring Our Way Through Third Grade

  3. Alison Rose says

    The bulletin board is AMAZING and I want one in my room. When you are done repurposing…you can just send it to me to repurpose in my room. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. SDNana says

    I love the birthday banners! How neat to take a picture with the banner each year. My oldest just turned 30 this year too. Funny how me turning 30 didn't bother me like some people said it would but her turning 30 made me feel pretty old! LOL My baby just turned 28 this year.

  5. Carol Davis says

    The new board does not have space for student work like the first version did. The first version was in my hallway and included photos of students at work, not really their work. The new board showcases a poster set and we refer to it just about every day! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Gina Martin says

    Hi!!! Love the bulletin board! I would love to have access to your posters. Do you have them on TPT? I'm so going to use this idea next year and keep up all year in my room. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Carol Davis says

    Hi Gina! I do have those posters available. You can find them right here: These are also available in a primary color scheme! Thanks for visiting!

  8. Carol Davis says

    Hi Sandra! No, I didn't use a pattern. I drew the lab coat on white paper like you would draw a t-shirt and then cut it down the middle and folded it back to make lapels. For the head I drew it on flesh colored paper (it's just an oval) and then added strips for the hair in a wild arrangement. Her hands are just mitten shapes! It took time to make that board because of all the extras I added to it, but the scientist was easy! Thanks for visiting!

  9. tinkerbelle04 says

    Thanks so much for these wonderful ideas! Awesome!! Can't wait to try them out!

  10. Carol Davis says

    It's just white bulletin board paper! I think I laid a jacket on the paper to trace around just to get the shape right. I drew it and then cut it down the middle at the top edge and folded the sides back to make lapels. The sleeves were too long so I just bunched them up and made her arms bend!