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Archives for August 2015

Surviving the First Weeks of School

Are you as exhausted as I am after the first few days of school? There is nothing like "teacher-tired"! So, let's get going and see if these five tips will help you! Mind you, these tips are not for your classroom- it's for your sanity. Take care of you. Seriously, by the time you reach ... READ the POST

Back to School Bulletin Board

Well, it turns out I am now the bulletin board queen at my school. Not a title I sought, Just sayin'.... We have these gigantic hallway boards and it takes some work to cover them, but I think I got this one right! Take a look! I had this idea from a Pinterest pin. It was a board using the ... READ the POST

Mad About Science Bulletin Boards!

Let's talk some truth about Bulletin Boards. We all have a love/hate relationship with them, right! When they are cute as pie we are so proud, but it's the getting it up there on the wall that drives us crazy. Anyway, last winter I made the one below- you might remember reading about ... READ the POST