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Five for Friday! June 12

Yikes! How did I miss two Fridays?
In a row!
It’s summer- what else do I have to do except blog…..
That’s pretty funny actually. You should see my To-Do List!
And Five for Friday just happens to be on my list!
Thank you Kacey!
So, a couple of weeks ago I was in Hoover and, of course, I went by my favorite store.
Second and Charles!
And snagged some new books.
So far I have finished these:

Both were good- in different ways. Bad Monkey is an investigation story with lots of super silly moments and some unbelievable stuff, but fun!
Silver Linings Playbook was excellent, but a little too much about football. Obviously, the main character and his family were totally obsessed with football. It is a little different than the movie- which I want to see again now!

Speaking of books:
Those are my absolute go-to books for teaching reading skills, writing skills, and character/community building. I had them at school (in my science lab) for the last two years. Then I decided they were only gathering dust so I brought them home.
A few days after that, my daughter called to tell me she was moving from first grade to third grade.
How cool- I will be taking that pile to her soon! But first I went through and organized them by topic and made a few notes on what I used some of them for.
Have you ever read this one:
It’s a beautiful story about a little boy that spreads a rumor about his baseball coach and the man is then somewhat ostracized by the community. When the boy discovers he was wrong about the things he said he offers to help Mr. Peabody get his reputation back. So, Mr. Peabody takes him to the baseball field and has the boy cut open a feather pillow. The feathers fly all over the place. Mr. Peabody says, “Put all those feathers back in the pillow.” When the boy tells him it will be impossible, Mr. Peabody replies, “It would be just as impossible to undo the damage that you have done by spreading the rumor about me.”
The power of words.
I always read this to my class as a character lesson and then we would write about the power of words.

So, finally
I found enough pictures and wall hangings to finish my kitchen wall.
I laid all my pictures and things out on the floor of my study for about a week first.
Everyday, several times a day, I would rearrange the stuff and finally I hit on the arrangement I liked.
Well, then I had to hang it on the wall.
When you are OCD this is hard.
I like it a lot!
The window frame in the middle has scrapbook paper in it instead of photos but I really like it that way. Each pane is a different design in some color of gray and teal.
My favorite part is the little frame that says HOPE.
Guess the movie this line comes from:
“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.”
Hope is my favorite word.
Well, I also like the word coffee.

Another FINALLY,
I was just clicking around online and found this:
Well, I ordered it. I may not like it, cause it is a little outside my box, but I thought it was cute and I need a traveling tote bag/purse and I got it with 10% off and free shipping and through Ebates which means I get another 3.5 % back.
So, how could I not order it….
Click on the photo if you want one for yourself (I don’t earn anything for sending you to the website!)

Now, seriously, have you ever thought about Ebates?
It’s a website you join for free. Whenever you shop on line you activate Ebates before you shop. This is easy because you can install it on your browser and when you are at a store that accepts Ebates a button appears at the top of the page and you just click it. Then you shop!
The store decides what % they want to allow and after you order, that percentage is applied to your Ebate account. It’s anywhere from 1% to 8% and some stores, like Nordstrom, have special days they offer more. You don’t get the percent off your purchase, but about once a quarter you get the money! Really. Ebates adds it to my Paypal account. I have been doing this for about a year and I just checked- they have sent me $65 so far. For stuff I was going to order anyway!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
Try it- it’s like money for nothing or for shopping, which we all love to do!
And if about 14 of you click on that button and sign up I do get compensated.
But you might notice I took all the ads off my blog.
Nobody ever clicked on them anyway- cause after two years of my blog I think they only owe me $4.36….

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bagby says

    I love your final arrangement for your kitchen wall decor. My mom introduced me to ebates last year. I never get a ton back, but hey its free money! BTW the tote is super cute! Have a great weekend friend!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. Unknown says

    I enjoyed reading your post! I had never even heard of ebates…although I don't know that I will want to have another motivator to justify my online purchases! Ha! Ha! 🙂
    Lucky Little Learners

  3. Carol Davis says

    Hi Angie! Thanks for stopping by! You should try Ebates- if you shop online a lot. But you are right- I have purchased a thing or two just cause I was getting an extra 8% back. But I needed that stuff!